Microsoft confirms cross-IHV ‘AMD + Nvidia’ multi-GPU support by DX12

Microsoft Corp. has confirmed that its upcoming DirectX 12 application programming interface (API) will support some sort of cross-vendor multi-GPU technology that will allow graphics processing units from different developers to work together at the same time. Unfortunately, the software developer revealed no specifics about the tech, therefore, it does not mean that one could actually benefit by using a Radeon and a GeForce in the same system.

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DevilOgreFish1102d ago (Edited 1102d ago )

this sounds great, i would be even more pleased if you could actually force games to run with 2 GPUs and it would actually work. some games even when you try to get it to run with both GPUs it doesn't utilize them the way you want them to.

Bigpappy1102d ago

Would be nice if developers just need to set the option under max settings. We probably have to wait until Win10 is released with full DX12 to really know its gains and limitations.


Could use an AMD card as the main. Then an Nvidia for phys x.

starchild1101d ago

It might be nice to use the integrated graphics on Intel processors in conjunction with a graphics card from AMD or Nvidia.

Gamer19821101d ago

"It might be nice to use the integrated graphics on Intel processors in conjunction with a graphics card from AMD or Nvidia. " Issue with that is intels onboard graphics is garbage. AMDs is much better but they both use your RAM for gaming RAM. Which would mean a boost in VRAM even though it would technically be slower. It would be more though and only be accessed if you need it. Thats what I'm excited about it could enable 4K gaming on a 4gb card.

bmf73641101d ago

I'm using an AMD 280 as a secondary and an R9 970 as my main. Just going to use it to take a bit of a load off of the main.

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lameguy1101d ago

The likelihood of this materializing in "real life" is pretty low. SLI setups today, with the same graphics hardware, are already a crap shoot.

Not only does each game require a special driver profile to even work, but even once you have that, 'work' is often different than 'works well'.

FlyingFoxy1101d ago

True, but the main issue for me is micro stuttering, trouble is 4k needs 2-3 GPU's for consistent good fps, whereas you can get away with 1 high end card (just) at 1440p. I prefer the higher frame rate though, i've been using a 120hz 1080p screen a few years now.

At least Valve will be using Vulcan in their Source 2 engine, the best bits of Mantle.. meaning it should run extra good on AMD GPU's.

Fishy Fingers1101d ago

Sounds promising but like anyone with a multi GPU already knows, it's rarely takes advantage of the hardware when they're the same cards, I can only see this being worse.

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