Ori and the Blind Forest Is a Sight to Behold

With Ori and the Blind Forest – which launched yesterday for Xbox One – independent developer Moon Studios’ goal was to create an action-platformer with a precise, modernized feel. The game effectively merges the micro with the macro, thrusting players into massive, sprawling levels and letting them traverse those levels with pixel-perfect accuracy. This is platforming, evolved.But first things first: as is apparent in screenshots (and even more apparent in motion), Ori is an absolutely beautiful sight to behold. Its graphical style is heavily inspired by Japanese animation – particularly the likes of Studio Ghibli – with glowing lights and various flowing flora filling every frame. While the game plays in 2D, the visual design is anything but, with layers of scenery that stretch deep into the background.

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TripC50950d ago

The movement is more graceful but reminds me of the tightness and responsiveness of Super meat boy. Its the best game I've played on any console this gen. Must own title.

aviator189950d ago

Same for me.
Ori has become one of my favorites of this gen already.

carlosrossi950d ago

same. I can't put it down, it's so visually stunning!

starchild950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Best game in the past year, in my opinion. It hits you on so many levels and it just makes you feel good.

Foehammer950d ago

Moon Studios are to be congratulated

Accolades for this game are ubiquitous

Xavior_Reigns950d ago

How many times you going to congratulate these guys? Yes I can agree they made an amazing game for the XBO, but if the majority ignore it, it'll be for nothing.

Ulf949d ago

...right. Because all we care about on this site is about sales. Enjoying games is "for nothing", unless it fills some corporation's bank account.

We only give congrats to big sales here on N4G... oops I mean N4Stockholders.


Xavior_Reigns949d ago


I think you misunderstood but that's alright, I'll try to clear it up. I'm saying the developers of Ori deserve high sales for a fantastic game. However, even though I hate saying this, it really seems like the majority of gamers on Xbox are strictly shooter/ sports fans. I, myself overlooked many great games on 360 for shooters that I just now discovered. Of course I can't say that for everyone else though. Also it doesn't help that many Xbox peeps look down upon indies or games that look indie harshly.

Anyways hope that clears it up a bit. I just want talented developers to get great sales and Xbox gamers can do that by putting down the guns. If not, well hopefully it sells exceptional.

As for N4Stockholders... I'm sure there's some out there, just not particularly for N4G. Also congratulations are fine, but in Foe's case he's overdoing it, its spamming.

Tedakin950d ago

Ori is one of the best games ever made and I mean that. Without a doubt one of my favs in a long time.

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GearSkiN950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Now that he mentioned deff see studio ghibi

TheOneWhoIsTornApart950d ago

Not just Studio Ghibli but Hayao Myazaki in particular.

demonddel950d ago

Thinking about getting it is it really that good

starchild950d ago (Edited 950d ago )

Well I don't like to hype things too much, but it really is quite amazing. Most people feel that way, but of course it's not a guarantee.

Xavior_Reigns950d ago

Well I don't care much for reviews but it scoring incredibly well. You even got some Xbox trolls praising the game so that's another plus I suppose. Do your research and decide, you don't lose much if you dislike it anyways at $20 I believe.

WeAreLegion950d ago

It's a good game. Worth $20. It's not revolutionary or anything, but definitely something you'll enjoy.

bleedsoe9mm949d ago (Edited 949d ago )

not revolutionary but it puts everything together into what a next gen metroidvania type game should be , stunning graphics with a beautiful art style , touching emotionally , haunting music and sound design and tight as heck controls and movement .

maybelovehate950d ago

It really is. One of the best games I have ever played. You will not regret this purchase.

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