Is Killzone Mercenary 2 Coming To The PS Vita?

Fans have been asking for a sequel to Killzone Mercenary for quite some time. Two new rumors have begun to emerge surrounding a possible sequel to the PS Vita's best First Person Shooter. The VitaBoys take a look at the rumors.

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GamerEuphoria1193d ago

Hope so, loved the first one

sinncross1193d ago

I feel like Sony shouldnt let the KZM engine go to waste. They said themselves the engine cost a lot to make and that is partly why thy were moving away from AAA expense games on Vita. But they have the engine. Optimise, and use it on a sequel or other games. That should lower the cost barrier at least.

Hopefully Sony can surprise us with something. Its a pity about the Vita but I still love the device an the games coming for it.

Beetey1193d ago

Would be cool, but it's not happening. The video actually says that they found out the rumor was false.

EvilWay1193d ago ShowReplies(2)
TheConTROLLer691193d ago

Probably not. Sony has given up in the Vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.