Why Playstation's Boss Loves Morpheus

IGN - Shuhei Yoshida talks to us about why he's so excited about Morpheus and the future of gaming.

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ArchangelMike1171d ago

EVE:VR at 0:33 in the video!!! I say that because I played EvE:VR at EGX14, and OMG it completely blew me away. If this comes to Morpheus as a launch title then it is 100% guaranteed that I'm buying Morpeus day 1. :)

Rimeskeem1171d ago

If they pride it right I would definitely give it a go. VR sounds promising from what I've heard so far. I tried oculus and it was fun for a while but then kind of got boring. Then again that was only 1 game.

Rimeskeem1171d ago


freaking auto correct on my phone

hkgamer1171d ago

morphine plus VR. that would probably be the best experience ever.

TheColbertinator1171d ago

Misread the title and thought it said Morphine

deep_fried_bum_cake1171d ago

Well I'm sure he loves that as well. I mean, who doesn't love morphine?

tanukisuit1171d ago

Obligatory: "Flintstones chewable Morphine"

Bathyj1171d ago

But I'll miss Sheriff Lobo

MultiConsoleGamer1171d ago

The improved specs are very promising, and the updated hardware is extremely sexy.

I wasn't impressed with Morpheus at E3 2014 but now I'm intrigued once again. One thing I feel is that Morpheus will be the most affordable VR solution. But that's just a hunch.

MasterCornholio1171d ago

I know he's the head of PlayStation but Morpheus is frikkin cool.

Why wouldn't he like it especially with how well designed it is and the way if affects gaming.

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