Mortal Kombat X Interview With Senior Producer Adam Urbano – The Roster, DLC and Creating Fatalities

PSLS - PlayStation LifeStyle’s own Dan Oravasaari gets a quick moment to sit down with Senior Producer at NetherRealm Studios Adam Urbano to discuss Mortal Kombat X. In it, discussed are characters picked, DLC and even how fatalities were created in the fighting game. Also, make sure to find out what aspect of the game took an artist one year to create.

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ftwrthtx1224d ago

A lot of good info there. Thanks.

knifefight1224d ago

Been an MK fan since "Mortal Monday" way back at the beginning. Can't wait to see where it goes next.


Great interview. MKX is going to rock the house.

T-Dawg61224d ago

So that must mean there are a lot of unannounced new characters then? Considering there are only about 8 out of 22 right now

Muzikguy1224d ago

I'm a little bummed to hear it's almost a completely new roster. I've always loved the roster of MK games. Anyway, the more I think about it, the more it seems all right. As long as they don't completely revamp the roster from now on it will be fine IMO. I'll probably wait for a "complete" edition before buying. Made that mistake on MK9 and wasn't very happy about it