Six Upcoming Japanese Games To Watch Out For This Year

"Japanese game companies are behind some of this year’s biggest releases, including Bloodborne and Mighty No. 9. Hit next and see what other games from Japan you need to watch out for this year."

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FluxWaveZ1046d ago

People really need to realize that Final Fantasy XV is not being released this year.

jambola1046d ago

I think it's more fair to say people need to realize it's never been confirmed or even hinted at coming out this year.

FluxWaveZ1046d ago

That works, too. I just see so many people who seem set on the idea that FFXV is a 2015 game when... we're talking about FFXV here.

jambola1046d ago

Oh don't get me wrong, it bugs me too
if it was even hinted at i'd be ok with it, but people keep putting it in 2015 lists.

DigitalRaptor1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

Final Fantasy XV is definitely 2016, but at least we get Type-0 HD and Duscae.

I also think Zelda U will be delayed to spring 2016, just like Quantum Break will be.

Bloodborne, Persona 5 and Metal Gear Solid V are just looking like absolutely breathtaking experiences. We're also forgetting some amazing Nintendo games like Xenoblade Chronicles X.

SegaSaturn6691045d ago

Aren't you concerned about Duscae spoiling the experience of the main game?