With PS4's 'Uncharted 4' Delayed, An Opportunity Arises For The Xbox One

Generally speaking, both the press and video game fans can agree on one thing: We all don’t really mind game delays. In this day and age of games being released in various states of brokenness, if a game, even one we’re dying to play, decides it needs more time, we’re more than happy to allow them a while longer to get it right.

That’s how yesterday’s news that Uncharted 4 was being pushed from fall 2015 to spring 2016 was received by most. The game needed more time to be the “high standards” of the series, according to Naughty Dog, though I can’t imagine it helped that the game was plagued by a series of high profile departures last year. In any case, we turn to the old Miyamoto pearl of wisdom “A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever,” with the eternal caveat, “except Duke Nukem Forever.”

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whoyouwit041138d ago

I see Sony fans hoping that Quatum Break will be delayed, but the thing is even if it is delayed The Xbox One has MULTIPLE games to fall back on.

DarkOcelet1138d ago

The PS4 still have exclusives btw. So its cool really.

EvilWay1138d ago Show
DarkOcelet1138d ago

Well, if you know anything about Persona franchise, then you will know just how many fans are awaiting it. Its an incredible series that should be played by everyone.

They still have Ratchet and Clank Reboot. Besides, you keep forgetting Bloodborne which is right around the corner and will probably be one of the highest rated games in 2015.

morganfell1138d ago

Wild is an arcade game? I stopped reading at that point.

Dennis_the_Menace1138d ago

@Evilway Hahaaaaa Sony in Big trouble Really. What's going to happen Microsoft is going to sell 10 million consoles now. I can say Microsoft is in trouble next year. BTW Bloodborne is out in a few weeks I see it selling well. Microsofty is already in trouble you are a joke

MrSec841138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Sony has nothing to worry about, I mean as far as AAA games goes PS4 has 1)The Order, 2)Bloodborne, 3)Ratchet & Clank, 4)Tearaway Unfolded, 5)Until Dawn, 6)Deep Down, 7)Let it Die, 8)Fat Princess Adventures, 9)Drawn to Death and 10)Killstrain, so even without Uncharted there are still 10 AAA exclusives coming to PS4 in 2015.

PS4 also has a load of quality indie exclusives incoming too, 11)WiLD, 12)Rime, 13)Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, 14)Alienation, 15)Shadow of the Beast, 16)Tomorrow Children.

Sony has already confirmed that their devs and partners have more games to announce for this year. It's very likely that Killzone will get a new game this year, because there's been one released every 2 years since KZ2 came out.
Maybe Guerrilla Game's new IP Horizon is actually further along than people think and that may release this fall, in place of a new Killzone game.

GT7 could be ready to release this year, TLG may be too, umpteen other developers have been quiet for ages, some of those and everything else I've speculated on here could be announced at E3 and release in 2015.
Quantic Dream also has a game in development for PS4, which could be released this year.

It's a fact PS4 has a load of outright exclusives, that are only coming to that platform, already 16 are confirmed for this year,I really don't know (outside of trolling) how any one can say PS4 has nothing. Clearly the kinds of games I've mentioned are why people are buying the PS4, it's those kinds of games that are why Playstation always sells so well.

There's also the best versions of cross gen Playstation games, like Persona 5, amongst others.
Timed exclusives like Hellblade and No Man's Sky.

Overall PS4 has the most outright platform exclusives on any current gen console, with plenty of time for Sony too announce more AAA games or indies.

Personally I'm very excited for the majority of the exclusives PS4's going to be getting this year and besides Wii U's exclusives like Starfox, Zelda, a few other 2015 games and some of it's past line-up I can't really see a reason to get another console this year.

Xbox One only has 3 outright exclusives this year, with Halo 5, Forza 6 and presumably Quantum Break, although Phil Spencer has said that many XB1 exclusives will be releasing on Windows 10 PCs.
Fable legends is a prime example of a game many thought was an XB1 exclusive for life, Ryse and Dead Rising were stated outright that they would never come to another platform, yet they launched on PC.

I have my doubts that Halo 5, Forza 6 or Quantum Break will remain XB1 exclusives. It just seems like MS are returning their focus to PC.

AliTheSnake11138d ago

@EvilWay Do you even Bloodborne ?

holin41138d ago

2016 Uncharted will eat dust... you know gears is coming! get ready ponys

WeAreLegion1138d ago

I love Gears of War, but if there's one team not to go up against right now, it's Naughty Dog.

DemonChicken1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Everyone forgot Dragon Quest Heroes!

Got Yakuza 0 preordered and I am hyped to played that too =D

OB1Biker1138d ago

Wait for xbot fanboys to say that Insomniac is rubbish now

DarXyde1137d ago


Agreed, the PS4 is in trouble without Uncharted 4. Uncharted has been around since the PSOne and is clearly the most important franchise that Sony has always been known for. I mean, just look at how the XBOX One has been beating it every single month. And just to bury Sony, they dropped the price which is when they REALLY killed them. I mean, WiLD? Totally arcade. Who even thought it would be cool? And who even heard of Persona 5? Were there even 4 games before it? And who wants to play indies? NO ONE! ABSOLUTELY NO ONE! There's a reason that not a single indie game has been sold on any platform. FACT. And DON'T get me started on Until Dawn and games like that. Heavy Rain was POORLY received with a metacritic score of 33, so I'll NEVER understand why anyone would make these types of games unless you're trying to go bankrupt.


TheRedButterfly1137d ago

Jesus Christ @#1.1.5... Could you possibly /reach/ any further?

Tearaway Unfolded = AAA?
Let it Die = AAA?
Fat Princess Adventures = AAA?
Drawn to Death = AAA?
Killstrain = AAA?

Of your list, The Order is already out, Bloodborne releases next week, R&C is a movie tie-in (stated by Insomniac), Until Dawn is niché, and Deep Down isn't confirmed for western release... Seriously, what kind of picture are you trying to paint for the PS4's 2015 holiday? /Especially/ by padding the list with February/March releases?

Btw, you left out Persona 5, which will be great and sell well in Japan, but it's not as popular as people think it is (or as popular as it should be) outside of the East.

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Foehammer1138d ago

I'm guessing MS brings a TombRaider bundle so fans of 3rd person adventure games can still get their fix.

Good for Square Enix, god for MS.

Lucreto1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I actually feel sorry for Square Enix. They had possibly 20 million consoles to cater too this Christmas on Xbox. With the Uncharted delay they about of had 50 million on both.

They wanted to avoid fighting Uncharted on the PS4 platform by releasing it later but with the delay it will more than likely launch around the same time Losing Square Enix money.

Edit: Just saw it was Foehammer post. Wasting my time.

MasterCornholio1138d ago


"With the Uncharted delay they about of had 50 million on both."

Anyone think that Sony is trolling Square by doing this?

Palitera1138d ago

One delivers, the other promises.

CaptainPunch1138d ago

Yeah because The Order: 1886 was so amazing, and let's not forget about Driveclub now.

krypt19831138d ago

@captain no xbox delivers sony promises, im still waiting for greatness on my ps4 can only play tlou multi for so long...

Silly gameAr1138d ago

I see a lot of PS4 owners not caring because they don't own an xbox, so the games coming to xbox doesn't concern them. Unlike you guys that are constantly in PS4 articles whining about games on a system you don't even own.

Multiplatguy1138d ago

"I see a lot of you guys"

Don't generalize Xbox fans like he generalized Playstation fans. Fanboys for both systems are constantly in each others articles, hoping for delays and bad news.

The real gamers don't care. It's a pity how few those seem to be on the internet. Why is that most people on the internet always seem to be the fanboys? It makes it hard to find rational and unbiased discussion.

I_am_Batman1138d ago

@Multiplatguy: I don't think that the majority of the users on sites like n4g are fanboys. The problem is that the fanboys are so damn vocal. They are having the same old arguments over and over again. It's like watching the same movie for the 20th time - you know exactly what will happen next.

You can't really have a normal conversation about games in those comment sections. Most people are tired of that stuff and stay out of those conversations all together.

Moldiver1138d ago

@Silly gameAr

I take it that you never visited any of the review threads for Halo, FH2 and SSO when those games were murdering review scores left right and center. You couldnt even congratulate MS without getting hit with 50 disagrees plus a sideways comment. So tell me again about all these xbox owners pining after PS games. I dont recall any xbox fans clamouring for killzone, infamous or the order, much less even in those posts. I could pull up ANY FH2 or halo thread and show you how many PS fanboys were running up their mouths, even though the XBox exclusives have been great this gen, so far.

Silly gameAr1138d ago


I don't hang around xbox articles because I don't own one.

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SCW19821138d ago

The delusion is so real with this one.

KirbysDump1138d ago Show
Letthewookiewin1138d ago

@Why - I certainly hope Quantnum Break gets released this year that was the only game on X1 I'm interested in. This article is non sense. Sony eclipses the X1 line up by the way.

MoreRPG1138d ago

How can you guys call yourself gamers? PS4 this. Xbox that. Just grow up.

Deadlead1138d ago

No reason I'd want Quantum Break to be delayed. Like ND is doing I hope Remedey commits the development time necessary to achieve their vision. That said I'm pretty damned bummed UC4 is getting delayed.

PS4isKing_821138d ago

We actually have a lot.

The order: 1886, Bloodborne, Ultra street fighter 4, Omega quintet, final fantasy X/X-2 HD, Persona 5, Godzilla, one piece pirate warriors 3, Until dawn, MLB the show 2015, jojo's bizarre adventure, tokiden: kiwami, J-stars. Victory VS, none of which are coming to Xbox one.

And are spread out between now and the fall.

Xbox has like, what, another forza, another halo, another fable? Yawn. Same shit every single year. Boring.

CaptainObvious8781138d ago

I don't really care if QB gets delayed because I'm not an idiot that only focuses on 2 months of the year.

I know what I'm about to say will be very radical to some, but, hope you're sitting down for this, but I play games through out the entire year. I understand of you wish to stone me now for my insane thinking.

DeezR1138d ago

You can't know what comes out this fall/holiday untill the e3. So don't make any stupid assumptions. We can't know who got the better line up for this fall/holiday.

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imt5581138d ago

What opportunity for Xbone! Sony didn't cut the price for PS4 yet! IIRC, they always cut price by 100$.

WESKER20151138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

sony cant afford to cut the price, while sony were getting high on sales microsoft were securing tons of exclusives, everybody should thank sony really, they made microsoft step up their game, xbox one is looking stronger and stronger, sony should have had a backup plan for this kind of delay tbh, i mean where is quantic dreams game?

NatureOfLogic_1138d ago

This whole Sony can't afford a price drop talk is starting to remind me of the false pre-current gen assumption that Sony couldn't afford better console hardware.

DarkOcelet1138d ago

I am pretty sure they can Wesker. E3 would be a great place to announce a price cut.

Thatguy-3101138d ago

No different to what happened last Gen. If I'm not mistaken the 360 had a lot of exclusives in the beginning. Sony is in it for the long run. We can wait. It's not like we're not getting any games. Let's see how Microsoft does.

SoapShoes1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Yeah they really have been securing those exclusives *looks at the eight to ten month dry spell plaguing X1 this year*

Typical Forbes BS...People buy systems during the holidays based on what's out. They don't base it on just one or two months of releases so don't act like consumers are so narrow visioned because they actually do see what goes on year round. Also having games year round is a much better strategy for people who ALREADY bought your console and new buyers. If you release games year round the good games people couldn't play end up being cheaper for them when they have the chance rather than having all the games full price because they released them all in the holidays.

Not to mention you risk losing customers to your competition when they get tired of waiting ten months for something unique to their system.

mkis0071138d ago

August it will happen $300 ps4

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NatureOfLogic_1138d ago

If PS4 receives a price cuts during the holidays, It would kill any momentum MS would have.

AngelicIceDiamond1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

Elite Dangerous, Shovel Night, Wasteland 2, SMITE, GIgantic, NeverWinter and Battletoads.

Some of these are timed indies or exclusive but MS has a great mixure of games AAA to indie to mid-tear games.

But Sure, that automatically gives MS a big jump this gaming season. Halo 5, Quantum Break, Forza 6, Fable Legends, GoW collection Maybe TombRaider if it releases this year.

Later Crackdown, Phantom Dust, GoW 4 and Scalebound, Rares new Ip in 2016.

christocolus1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

I am actually looking forward to playing the mobas( gigantum, smite) and fable legends also rare said 2015 would be a big year for them so i'm guessing they have one unannounced title planned for this year and even if QB ends up being delayed there's still gonna be enough AA exclusives for 2015 and 2016 will be even better with Phantum Dust, Crackdown3. FH3, Gears4, scalebound and others.

_-EDMIX-_1138d ago

LMFAO! "Elite Dangerous, Shovel Night, Wasteland 2"

You mean Shovel "Knight"? NeverWinter is also timed.

All those games are actually coming to PS4...

"that automatically gives MS a big jump this gaming season"

Not really, soooo all those are coming to PS4 while PS4 has a wave of games never coming to XONE?

I'm pretty sure the PS4 list of indies is longer with much more not coming to XONE due to their little clause.


Won't be getting much sales for XONE based on its known to be timed, soooo who ever owns a PS4, won't be getting an XONE for a game that they clearly will be getting on PS4 anyway.

That list gets pretty small when you start to factor what is timed and what isn't....most of that list is a bunch of timed games or games that are not even exclusive at all.

I'm looking forward to most of that list too.....on my PS4!

AngelicIceDiamond1138d ago (Edited 1138d ago )

That's why I stated some of those are timed...

And I just named MS exclusives. Your one of those kids that can type but can't read properly. Or did you just choose to ignore the ones that are exclusive.

One of the two is the issue with you.


DarXyde1137d ago

Not directed at you, but I find it funny that NOW Shovel Knight is even cared about. It's been on the Wii U since forever ago.

Makes me sad to see it go unnoticed until now.

Walker1138d ago

BloodBorne says hi . this game is going to be fantastic

TripC501138d ago

Bloodborne and then next year uncharted 4

Der_Kommandant1138d ago

Bloodborne will sell ps4's like hotcakes

captainexplosion1138d ago

Bloodborne is a niche game for hardcore gamers that already own a PS4. The game will sell well but I don't think it will be much of a system seller.

GameBoyColor1138d ago

@captianexplosion Dark souls 2 sold what, 2 million+? Bloodborne will get close or even pass that. Is that still niche? I'm not sure, I believe DS2 sold close to tomb raider which I think was AAA.

Any way, those souls fans who never made the jump will be jumping in the next couple weeks so that is a system seller in the end ( °·°)b

krypt19831138d ago

bloodborne is not a system seller sorry, the game will be good though..

Silly gameAr1138d ago

Looks some people want to skip playing games all year and just focus on the holidays. Again.

SoapShoes1138d ago

It's because they have no choice unless they get another console. Lol

InTheLab1138d ago

That's a really bad argument...

CaptainPunch1138d ago

Interesting, have you played the game yet? Why are you so sure it's going to be good.

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n4gamingm1138d ago

If we just look at the past there been two Xbox exclusive that can sell hardware and software that's halo and gears of war. I'm just talking about Xbox too just incase someone thinks I'm trolling.