The Division: The Cleaners Faction Explained in New Video

As the name suggests, this specific group is tasked with eradicating any signs of the virus in New York City using menacing flamethrowers. This usually means coming across survivors or corpses and burning them to a crisp in order to ‘clean’ an area.

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Zenith4k1140d ago

Really excited for this but aware it might blow up in my face but still hopeful

Xavior_Reigns1140d ago

At least you're aware, I hope it turns out alright but I'm not going to be delusional. This is Ubisoft and it doesn't matter who the developing team is. However, I enjoyed The Order so even if the game is disappointing to me, others may think its the greatest thing. Regardless, I hope The Division runs with minimal to no bugs & glitches.

mafiahajeri1140d ago

I'm gonna clean their asses!!! ... Wait that didn't sound right... Nvm.

Justjoined1231140d ago

Was super excited for this when it was announced but after Ubisofts latest games im barely interested anymore, if it turns out to be good though thats just a bonus.

objdadon1140d ago

I'm pretty much addicted to loot seeking shooter games as I've already put in 700 hours in destiny so I'm sure I'll like this game. However it is ubisoft