Poking My Head Back Into: Guild Wars

Guild Wars came out when I was about seventeen. I remember it was really different from what we'd seen before because most other MMORPG's required a monthly subscription fee to play. I was absolutely thrilled to see this because I didn't have a job or income at the time and I figured it'd be a good choice for the money I did have because I could buy it and play at my leisure. I actually had a social life at the time (believe it or not) so I wanted a game I didn't have to feel like I had to milk every penny (I'm extremely tight with my money). The game play was much different than I was used to, as well. At the time the two MMO's I had played seriously were Anarchy Online and EverQuest which you had to manually run up to mobs, navigate terrain, etc. Guild Wars had a point and click system which felt like it took out some of the tedium of mobs that run around, melee positioning and such.

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