PAX East 2015 – Eyes on Adr1ft

Christopher Zevallos, Editor at writes... "Once attendees got their hands on the game one could tell that at least during the first part of the game, oxygen will be a daunting and exhilarating way to influence game mechanics. The player's oxygen tank level serves both as a meter of health and movement. As one reaches low levels of oxygen you can hear the desperation in the breath of the protaganist as the player scrambles for the closest floating oxygen refill. I am curious as to how this mechanic will be balanced in the final game. Collecting audio logs and a depleting movement/health system could seem contradictory, but we may not have the entire picture yet. Orth did state that the game is about discovery, but that it will have some sort of puzzle solving that he has not yet revealed. The puzzle solving could prove to be the missing link in terms of game mechanics to make the game seem less contradictory."

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