Iwata: We'll Beat Forecasts

Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata says the company could beat its most optimistic forecasts for the year, following strong sales of Wii and DS. Meanwhile, stats have been released on the top selling Wii games in Japan, with Wii Sports beating Zelda.

In an interview with Reuters, Iwata said, "We came up with the current earnings forecasts before we sold even a single unit of the Wii and when we were not so sure about the cannibalization effect between the Wii and the DS. Confidence could be too strong a word, but there is an emerging possibility [for better results]."

Current forecasts from Nintendo are for a profits increase of 60 percent with sales up 45 percent.

Iwata said some analysts had predicted that Wii and DS – both of which are aimed at the 'expanded' games market - might take sales from one another. Iwata said this has not been the case.

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