Titanfall 2 Going to PlayStation 4 Could Ruin the Entire Franchise

Jon of RGN writes, "What made Titanfall strong is the fact that Microsoft provided EA Games and Respawn Entertainment with dedicated servers. The strength of these servers is such that hit detection, bullet and object collision, and lag issues were virtually non existent on the Windows PC version of the game. The Xbox ONE and Xbox 360 versions of Titanfall also used them, and were better for it. Honestly, I wouldn’t even have believed Microsoft’s claims of sturdy, new Xbox server infrastructure if I hadn’t seen them for myself with the release of Titanfall. But all of that is about to change."

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It will be fine on Playstation.

HaveSumNuts1200d ago

More yearly franchises from EA yay?

NewMonday1200d ago

XBL on X1 has been going down frequently with no external attacks, so where are those servers?

PSN on PS4 has millions more players than XBL, but PSN is still more stable

sonarus1200d ago

lol @ ruining the entire franchise. Like its that great a franchise to begin with. Just ONE titanfall game that was good not great.

thekhurg1200d ago

This article is clearly written for hits. People, please don't fall into this website's trap.

Cream1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Oh you have to have dedicated server all the games now.
I'm not going back to PvP.

Thantalas1200d ago

"Titanfall 2 Going to PlayStation 4 Could Ruin the Entire Franchise"

So mutch saltiness!

EvilWay1200d ago


I hope that was a joke?

Xbox Live has only gone down once and that was on Christmas. Xbox Live never actually goes down only the friends list and Larry system does not the whole service. That hasn't happened in months either. On the other hand PsN has gone down quite a few times since, yes some are for maintance but who takes the whole service down for maintance? MS doesn't have to so why does Sony?

Kleptic1200d ago

Titanfall was a such a stable masterpiece on 360, XBO, and PC because:

no one played it...

MS's exclusive deal came from using their dedicated servers...that didn't work out for MS or EA, obviously...

TF2 will, hopefully, drop the 360 version...and EA will pick up the cost of dedicated servers on all platforms...roughly translated; the game will have a laughably unstable launch, and never really work correctly...

but it'll be a different business approach, be sure of that...

d_g1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )


"PSN on PS4 has millions more players than XBL, but PSN is still more stable"

is this a joke

if it’s not then you are Can’t Handle the Truth

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AngelicIceDiamond1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

That didn't take long for angry articles to start coming through.

The Ip was never mean't to be exclusive in the first place. Its just that MS helped jump start the IP.

They wanted TF to be played on across all the major platforms. again SINCE THE BEGINNING. That was the goal when Vince left Infiniti Ward.

Its not MS Ip they don't own nothing at all.

The game was mean't to be multiplat in the first place.


Eonjay1200d ago

This. Also I loled @ the title. And I'm sitting in the office and people want to know what I'm laughing at.

rdgneoz31200d ago

Even if they didn't want to have it multiplat from the beginning, not many devs/pubs are going to skip out a 20 million consoles...

Moldiver1200d ago

"Even if they didn't want to have it multiplat from the beginning, not many devs/pubs are going to skip out a 20 million consoles..."

Why do people always throw that number around like 20 million copies will be sold on PS4? most triple A multiformat games sold 5-6 million at best across all formats even with X360 and PS3s combined audience of nearly 200 million. 20 million consoles doesnt mean 20million sales. It doesnt even mean 10 million copies sold.

NatureOfLogic_1200d ago

I'm excited that the game is coming to PS4. I got a little carried away in the other article, but I'm just ready to see what all the hype was about for TF. I'm hoping TF2 turns out to be a better game. I'm sure the game will be perfectly fine on PS4. It may even be the best console version.

otherZinc1200d ago

Great article.

Yep, terrible servers. Now, I won't even consider this game now.

OrangePowerz1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Really terrible servers? XBL is just as much down recently as PSN.

Mr-Zex1200d ago

Terrible trolling, just terrible.

Moldiver1200d ago

"Really terrible servers? XBL is just as much down recently as PSN."

Erm. No it hasnt. Im sorry, but that statement is just plain bullshit.

Muzikguy1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

All these comments seem 50/50 what gives?! Lol (at the time, not anymore)

There's no reason to say the game would be ruined. Who's to say it won't get dedicated servers? I also find it hard to believe with all the money EA makes they don't just have their own anyway, or if they do, this whole argument is pointless. I'm not a fan of EA so I won't be getting the game anyway. Wasn't one of the main "issues" the AI? Wasn't it said that it was "only possible because of the cloud"? I don't believe any of this kind of talk. Falls in the same category as PR nonsense IMO

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Gamer19821200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Oh god here come the butthurt articles.. This article is a joke and shouldn't have been approved I mean seriously?? Whos idiotic enough to think all ps4 games have crap servers? I mean even xbox has crap servers Titanfall wasn't even that great I had numerous issues especially at launch. Gears of war was the worst if you ended up playing somebody with a crap connection from across the pond. EA has dedicated servers of their own though if they need them and have provided them for console games in the past for those who want them.

Not all xbox games have them either only a few do. Peopel assume because they pay for XBL all games have dedicated servers and thats untrue only 1st party games do.

DoubleM701199d ago

Yeah but TitanFall has dedicated servers. When TitanFAll 2 hits I can guarantee you they will be running better than the PSN network.

Azzanation1200d ago

As long as its running on MS services for the PC/Xbox game I am happy. If EA decide to use there own because of the PS4 then #$%^ will hit the fan.

TAURUS-5551200d ago

it will actually improve the franchise

neomahi1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I agree. I think we have greater concerns in life. More pressing matters.

It's actually great for the franchise. PS4 actually has a much larger fanbase and, releasing it sooner than later is better while the consoles are Ina drought rather than waiting until the markets saturated. That's why releasing games early in the console cycle ain't bad. Look at The Order. Over half a million units in the first week.

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DuoBrian1200d ago

I don't see that it could ruin the entire franchise. If the port is not built to snuff, then I can just see few amount of players on the PS4. I highly doubt Respawn will do wrong on this.

crazychris41241200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Dont see why it would. They could easily partner up with Microsoft to provide servers for xbox one and pc. Respawn would have to do the same with Sony for the ps4.

AngelicIceDiamond1200d ago

MS Azure on X1 and EA's dedicated servers on PS4?

That'll be interesting.

rdgneoz31200d ago

Sony has had dedicated servers for PS3 and PS4 games in the past.

BlackTar1871200d ago

I believe most first party games all had dedicated servers. why is this news?

crazychris41241200d ago

No sony gets their own servers.

Neonridr1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

It will be just fine on PS4. It just means more people get to play the game and enjoy it.

Besides, MS can still have their dedicated servers for their versions. It would be up to Sony to provide their own too.

hello121200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Well done to the person who wrote this its a valid concern.

Anything less than azure is a downgrade and its shame devs refuse to use it because of the competition. Devs have said as much on twitter it would be unfair to Sony to use azure.

mac_sparrow1200d ago

Never go full... ah, I don't need to finish it; I'm sure you've been told before.

rdgneoz31200d ago

Ham? Yah, with 1 bubble you can tell he's been told that before...

Eonjay1200d ago

This makes no sense on every conceivable level. Congrats.

BG115791200d ago

This is like saying that FF13 was ruined because of the port made to the 360 because the 360 didn't have a bluray.

mac_sparrow1200d ago

Not exactly, the 360 didn't have Blu-Ray, it had a lesser, in terms of capacity, storage medium (I'm not going to get in to the CAV vs CLV argument here); the PS4 could well offer dedicated servers to Titanfall 2, just not called Azure.

In this instance the technology is the same, though the name differs; in your example the core technology that underpins the argument is incomparable.

BG115791200d ago

You didn't get the comparison I'm doing here.
FF13 was a bad game. The Bluray support or not, the game was still bad. It's the same thing with Titanfall, azure or not, it's still a bad game...

fenome1200d ago

It was a bad comparison in general though, because it all fit on one disk with a bluray...a bad game is even worse if you have to change out like 3 disks to chug through it on top of all the actual issues with it..

reko1200d ago

Oh look this guy again.. Tsk tsk.

1200d ago
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