Button Mashers: Mortal Kombat X Cage Family Trailer Reaction

Lewis [Hi31] is back with Button Mashers as a new Mortal Kombat trailer featuring the Cage family hit the blocks today. Check out his full reaction in the video below and get your first eyes-on with more Mortal Kombat X.

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Hi3i1200d ago

Can't wait for Johnny

JoeIsMad1200d ago

Screw Johnny. We've seen what he can do. I want more Cassie!

Jetstorm1200d ago

I'll be happy as long as I can do the ball buster move on Johnny.

ROQFrost1200d ago

This kids videos make me laugh everytime

Hitman07691200d ago

button mashing is so lame, I don't like fighting games personally... very boring and repetitive. Starting to not want to play shooters anymore either... which is sad, been playing since they were invented on PC a million years ago...

Magnus7011200d ago

If you don't like competitive games, there are plenty other genres to fill the time. I just got a 3DS so I could re-live my N64 days with Majora's Mask.

I still like fighting games and watching tournaments of high level play because it adds more tension and adrenaline when you know the people playing and what's on the line. If you ever get a chance to watch finals for a tournament either live or in person, do it and it will change you.

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