The Team Behind The Metal Gear Fan Remake Announces Cold Horizon For PC And PS4

The team that was making Metal Gear Remake (Big Cake Games, previously Outer Heaven Productions) have been working on an original game in the months since cancelling that previous project. Now, they have revealed this game, which is called Cold Horizon.

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itsjustexuma1080d ago

So a game like The Golden Compass ?

kingjosh18761080d ago

The character artworks look a lot like Yoji Shinkawa's art (art director of Metal Gear Solid).

WizzroSupreme1080d ago

That sounds really awesome. Wish them all the best.

hkgamer1080d ago

would have thought that they would make a 3d game. not sure if it was just fanboy vision but mg remake looked quite cool.

DragoonPoon1080d ago

The gameplay with two characters sounds like Child of Light.