The Order 1886 Collector’s Edition Receives Huge Discount

The Order 1886 may not of been the critical success some may of expected, but sales wise it’s done well. With arguments that the game’s length does not justify the price tag, the recent price reductions may be warmly welcomed.

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GamerEuphoria1222d ago

Wish I never bought this at full price now :( silly me :(

Eonjay1221d ago

I am always very apprehensive when it comes to paying full price for a game. Some games are always day one but seeing how fast games fall in price makes me take pause.

Especially with my work schedule, I really try to figure out if I can hold off buying until I at least have time to play... and they it's usually cheaper anyway.

LOGICWINS1221d ago

Same here. I only have time to game on Fridays and Saturdays. The only reason I'm picking up DMC this week is due to the $40 price tag....and the fact that its awesome of course.

bouzebbal1221d ago

i did that 2 days ago with Max Payne 3 with 80% off on the PSN.
I'm glad i never payed more than what i did cause that game is really bad of what i have played so far.

Jalva1221d ago

Silly you indeed... *holds back laughter*

krypt19831221d ago

I can't believe you had the balls to keep the pre-order after everybody and there mommy was telling people the game is a polished turd, oh well atleast u have a trophy for a paper weight ..

Seraphim1221d ago

Much nicer package than the US release imho. Shame the same wasn't released stateside because I would have picked that up

omarcomingyo1221d ago

The price isn't dropping as quick as I expected, still £42