PlayStation Now – Expectation vs. Reality

PlayStation Now recently graduated out of the beta stage on PlayStation 4, but has Sony's service delivered on what was promised?

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ramiuk11079d ago

yet still not in UK, same with planetside

imt5581079d ago

Well, US PS works pretty well in Europe!

Drithe1079d ago

This service is dead already.

SpinalRemains1381079d ago

Aaaaand so is your ability to comment.

Der_Kommandant1079d ago

Just like your other bubbles.

WizzroSupreme1079d ago

I'd rather just buy most of Playstation Now's game outright. I don't play my best under deadline if I'm just playing for fun and a ton of its games are dirt cheap at Walmart or GameStop anyway.

DigitallyAfflicted1079d ago

Price of ps3 on eBay £65 with 12 games and if you got ps+ you will have more every month. where is the point of PS Now ???. Like it's not enough I can sell dose games and buy more on e-bay. Please people be smart with you money and we will be getting more for it...

Seraphim1079d ago

The offerings are a bit weak to every day gamers. However the service has so much potential that it's pathetic how many gamers don't appreciate what this service can become. Best of all instead of giving money to rental places, these rented title, I imagine, give money back to where it should be given. The problem becomes new releases and newer games. Companies don't want rentals dipping into sales so it's very likely we'll only see 6-12+ month old games. Which is a shame. In my book you have buyers (those who preorder or will buy w/in the first couple weeks), possible buyers, discounted buyers, renters and default buyers. Generally speaking people are either going to buy now, buy cheaper, rent, or even rent then maybe buy once the game is cheaper. But this is another story off topic. It would be nice to see newer games offered at a competitive price though and best of all unlike X day rentals 30 day rentals tend to be pretty reasonably priced on PS Now for those who want to take their time or don't have as much free time to spend. End of the day this service has tons of potential and the pricing isn't too bad usually for individual rentals. The more games, the newer the game. For those predominately rent only gamers this is a way to generate revenue directly back to companies. That is a win for everyone. As for the subscription package. I don't see there being much demand or value there myself but I'm sure there's a demographic who does.

It's not often I rent a game but should I the first place I will look is PS Now. It's nice seeing downloadable titles available to rent as well. Unfortunately a great number of the install base aren't gamers like yourself, me and many others who actually buy all our games. I just think too little credit is given to what can become and is a sound business model that every gamer should appreciate. I'd much rather give my $5-10 to the company rather than a rental store.


The power of PS Now lies off PlayStation platforms. Having this option on TVs and tablets makes it far more attractive to the average person who doesn't own any console.

ger23961079d ago

That's who this service is really made for.

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