PlayStation Store: February 2015’s Top Sellers

The official list of top-selling games on PlayStation platforms in the month of February have yielded some interesting results.

Zombies dominated the PlayStation 4, with Dying Light being the top-selling game on the current gen platform in February 2015. Behind it is Dragon Ball Xenoverse, Turtle Rock Studios' four-versus-one shooter Evolve, supernatural shooter The Order: 1886 at number four, and Dontnod's drama Life is Strange -- Episode 1: Chrysalis at number five.

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jackanderson19851079d ago

damn that does not look good for the order, 4th on the list, admittedly with the shortest time on the market but still

itsjustexuma1079d ago

The sequel will be better and will stay longer

SoapShoes1079d ago

It doesn't? It doesn't look great but certainly not bad at all...

BiggCMan1079d ago

Doesn't count physical, Amazon, Gamestop etc. And it's only in the US. I'd say number 4 is really good for only 8 days being counted towards it.

HammadTheBeast1079d ago

Kind of sad people fell for Evolve.

MegaRay1079d ago

Good to see both tales of heart and SaO made it to the list. Now Bamco have no excuse not to release tales of IR and Digimon to the west (with English dub.... pretty please?)