Why Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Should Have Been Completely Different

Ross from 'Just imagine seeing ‘this action will have consequences’ after every seemingly innocuous decision'
A writer considers how the new Resident Evil game could have benefited from the popular tropes of episodic games.

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WESKER20151167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

i have come to the reality that capcom refuse to go back to what made resident evil great, and as much as it pains me to say this....revelations 2 is a step in the right direction while keeping this new gameplay style that capcom refuse to let go of, i have accepted resident evil of old is dead, i will be happy with a hd remake of resident evil 2 and 3

cfc781167d ago

Nothings dead until it's buried and after the great success of the HD remaster there might just be life in the old school Resi series yet,guess we'll just have to wait and see what Capcom has planned.

breakpad1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

@WESKER 2015 ..Revelations 2 is more relative to a Lost Planet game rather than a RE game...IMO Revelations has nothing done right to resemble a survival Horror game let alone a RE game ...agree that Capcom just quit the old formula completely and also add so many bad-cliche- movie- elements that managed to alienate the series to a degree that is unrecognizable anymore ...i dont hope for a good RE game ..i just hope for a good return of Shinji Mikami for one good last SurvHor game ...(EvilWithin didnt convince me with the supernatural staff an unjustified gory...also was nt his idea they just added him because of his skills)

Shinox1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

@breakbad why would anyone disagree with you , that EXACTLY what i'm feeling about the industry these days but you see a bunch of apologists justify trivial things and accept it like if its something good , ITS NOT .

X-Ender-XI1167d ago

Revelations doesn't need to be like anything like a telltale game. If you want that type of game, go play one of their many titles.

What's wrong with shooting a few monsters and enjoying the story that has been laid out?

MilkMan1167d ago (Edited 1167d ago )

RE Rev 2 is a magnificent blend of old with new. Everything about this new game is correct. From price point, to graphics to Raid mode (which by itself is worth 25 dollars).
I haven't personally met a living soul that liked the old control scheme in RE, but I as well as they lived with it. All we ever did was say, when is Capcom going to catch up to the rest of the gaming world and update these mechanics?
Well here it is, they have. Now all I read is. WHY?! did they update the game mechanics?! W.T.F!

It stand to reason that if they make you, the player a little more nimble, it follows that your adversaries have to be also, then it becomes kinda boring. RE 6 went the full Monty and it was extreme. OK, they played a little bit to much. But Rev 2 brings it down many notches, yet keeps it all within the scheme.
It works, you get the adrenaline and the scares.

I think the did a magnificent job here and by the way I spend more on my breakfast this morning than I did in Rev 2. I've been playing Raid mode non-stop since I bought this game and as I said earlier this alone is reason enough to buy the game. I bought Evolve for $65 and its collecting the fastest dust imaginable.

One last thing, I wasn't entirely sure why the episodic format, the game doesn't benefit from this format in any way that I can see. Maybe they are experimenting. But it is true that not every episodic game must follow TT layout. It makes sense to do what they did, if you wish to go that route, but its not necessary.
Perhaps its more aesthetics they where after rather than true TT layout of episodic format.

Truth be told, I found bite-sized RE better than the whole. Each episode ended with a cliffhanger and once you play 1 or two episodes, you know what to expect. You don't get fatigued.
(Wonder how many bubbles I'll lose)

Jovahkiin1167d ago

I bubbled you up. Well said.

I reckon this is the best Resident evil to date, in terms of gameplay and replayability.

And clocking in at 37$ (converted from euro) for the complete package digitally, it's a steal.

I've already put 30+ hours in and still have episode 3,4,Ex1 and Ex2 AND way more raid mode.

Kosic1167d ago

I've not been a huge fan of resident evil since the 3rd one.

I found r.e 4, 5 good games but they weren't resident evil titles. No zombies, no joy.
R.e 6 was buggy when I tried it.

Resident evil revs 1 was cool for a handheld title but still a bit of a miss title.
Rev's 2-ps4, as said above the raid mode is its solid feature. But sadly it's starting to feel like it was designed under a very quick time limit. But it's still enjoyable to play.

Rev's 2 story mode. I'm playing it co-op and it's nice to share a title with the girlfriend. But crapcom haven't done the game well.

First issue. I have a 47" tv and sharing a screen isn't a issue. But when crapcom make the shared screens even smaller is an annoying joke and makes you wonder WTF they were thinking...?

Story line, it feels like a poor man's battle royale at times. The bracelet and overseer just are boring ideas and made me less interested each time she spoke. It felt like you were playing a crap game show of death while being watched (the running man)...

R.e games went from a generic zombie game to some over the top special power mutent game. Is one reason why I've lost hope in the serious and haven't been excited for an r.e title in many years.

Gameplay, the shoot action is what we've seen before. Solid over the shoulder 3rd person, which is smooth at times but sluggish at others.
A lot of mechanics were picked up from other titles. Mainly the last of us, crafting bombs, sneaking and stealth take downs to being able to scene where the zombies are.

The buddy system of one person had a gun and the other a torch or a finger was alright but felt like you were playing a solo player game with a loot spotter following you.

Our of 10.

Story mode 5/10
Raid mode 7/10

Multiplatguy1167d ago

I am surprised to see so many people complaining about Revelations. It seems nobody is happy with it.

I really loved it, it's more akin to the older Resi games than any of the main series has been for many years. I hope they continue this series.

Roccetarius1167d ago

Revelations is closer to RE4, 5 and 6 than the older titles.

Multiplatguy1166d ago (Edited 1166d ago )

Yes but it is also closer to the older titles than 4, 5 and 6 were. I mean... Nothing has transformed into a dinosaur and then back into a lion with guns on it's sides..

Ammo is scarce, inventory room is low, puzzles are present and the enemies are better in my opinion.

I thought it was great, shocked to hear so many people are not happy with it. And a little sad. I think it's far better than the main series. I hate to see it get treated worse than the mess the last two main games have been.

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