Bloodborne’s New Trailer Promises “Fear, Delight and Despair” on PS4; Announces Dedicated TV Show

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia announced with a press release and a new trailer something rather interesting, a TV program dedicated to Bloodborne titled “Mortal Combat x Game – Nobuaki Kaneko Challenges the World Awaited Game”

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Slevon1165d ago (Edited 1165d ago )

I had a different thought in my head on what a tv show to go along with the game would be...

Jedislayer1165d ago

My soul, is ready to devour this.

andibandit1165d ago

quote from the article

"The trailer, which you can see below, is actually pretty funny if you understand what is said.

First the narrator introduces the program, mentioning that Nobuaki Kaneko will challenge the world-awaited game in a mortal duel. The three big Kanji that appear on screen afterwards mean “Fear” “Delight” and “Despair” as Kaneko-san goes “I don’t like this!” “Yeaaah! Did it!” and then “This is bad…” as he collapses. After the narrator lists the broadcast times, he exclaims “what’s with this game?!” and laughs."

hmmmmm, yeah thats pretty funny...

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The story is too old to be commented.