New Bloodborne Screenshots To Satisfy Your Appetite

Some new Bloodborne screenshots appeared, offering another peek at Yharnam and its inhabitants.

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xabmol1073d ago

I was waiting for MGSV until I broke down and finally buy a PS4, but I just cannot wait till September to play Blood Borne.

On a side note anyone hear about the Umbasa/Demon's Souls connection? Interesting, no? HYPEE!!

GetSomeLoGiK1073d ago

This guy explains pretty well the possible connection between Bloodborne and demon souls

kaiserfranz1073d ago

This game's gonna suck the real life out of me

Alexious1073d ago

Think I'm going all in as well this time around. Never finished the Souls titles before, will play this in co-op as much as I can

NewAgeisHere1073d ago

You bet. I swear I aged 10 years in my first week of playing Dark Souls, but then I fell in love with the game.

Chris_Wray1073d ago

I remember importing Demon's Souns, loved it. Dark Souls, loved it. Dark Souls 2, loved it. I'm seeing a pattern emerging and these screenshots are making Bloodborne look very similar, thematically, to the Souls' franchise.

Aurenar1073d ago

Gameplay is quite similar indeed, but the setting is very different this time around, more horror oriented. I like it.

WizzroSupreme1073d ago

There Will Be Blood – A Miyazaki game.

Festano1073d ago

As a fan of this game Dark Soul inspires me a lot and I do not I can lose.

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The story is too old to be commented.