Final Fantasy 15 Blew Our Minds at PAX

IGN - The Beyond crew discusses how going hands-on with Square's anticipated RPG was an incredible experience.

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vishmarx1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

dammit, 5 days.
cant control the hype.
and i say this as my personal opinion as a jrpg lover and not as a true genuine real old whetever ff fan,
that thisll be one of the best ff games ever.
see all the positivity from just a demo that lacks 2/3rds of the combat's and 90% of games features makes me really hopefull

bmwfanatic1222d ago

I may be wrong but I think the demo cant be downloaded until the 20th.

-Foxtrot1222d ago

"that thisll be one of the best ff games ever"

The game hasn't even came out yet, even with the demo coming out you can't really say that until you play the full game

Saw the exact same talk and hype before FF13 came out.

Go into it slowly with an open mind, you're less likely to be disappointed.

NoctisPendragon1222d ago

"cant control the hype"

Dont blame us , we are mortels.

Godmars2901222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

Also at a loss at these guys saying their minds were blown when magic has yet to be added to the game or attacks.

I mean, if they're putting out a playable version of the game, even if only a demo, and it doesn't have or need magic - then what's the point of having magic in the game at all?!

Again, if magic is only a literal fx which doesn't have to be there, then what's the point of it being there?

NoctisPendragon1222d ago


FF XIII's demo didnt have the paradigm system which was extremly important in the final game.

SE clearly stated "This demo is not representative of the final product".

So i would not worry about everything missing bieng useless.

Elda1222d ago

I was hyped about FF-XIII also & wasn't at all disappointed with the game,it's one of my top favorite FF games.Now for the sequels that's another story.

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gangsta_red1222d ago

Yea, this game is looking really epic.

And as I have said before, even though the you don't get to control your whole team or recruit like old FF I am still digging the way this is turning out.

WizzroSupreme1222d ago

I can't wait to have it blow my mind next week.

Dgander1222d ago fantasy is worthy again since FF9

jonboi241222d ago

I found FF10, 11,12 and 14:RR both incredibly enjoyable. Then there were the awesome Dissidia games and FF7:CC.

zelent1222d ago

Honestly, this game looks horrible. I wish they kept the Turn-Based RPG game-play from the earlier Final Fantasy games. FF10 was the pinnacle of the series for me.

Godmars2901222d ago

My issue is that only the aesthetics are being considered. That it has all of these little touches like how a character stands, another reacts and the cooking, but the main complaints about the bigger issues, story and characters, have yet to even be addressed.

goldwyncq1222d ago

The game isn't even out yet and people are already having issues with the characters and the story? How is that even sensible in the slightest?

seppo911222d ago

From what we know of the story, it sounds really compelling, the characters on the other hand, are to early to tell. Well, disregarding their design.

Snookies121222d ago

So, just because it has a different battle system, that makes the game 'horrible'?

Elda1222d ago

It's called evolving if this game is a seller then the future FF games will may just have a action battle system.FF games have been turned based for eons now so it's time to change it up & from what it seems people are loving it.Who's to say maybe S-E may go back to it's roots in FF-16,no one never knows with S-E.

seppo911222d ago

Ugh, X was the one that started this downward spiral that square enix has been in since then, with XIV and XV it finally looks like they might get back to doing great games.

I love turn based combat but its not anything that is suited for every rpg.

I think it was sakagutchi himself who said that the reason they used turn based combat was because that was what would let them focus on great stories.
On the nes/snes you really couldn't have a action rpg that tell you these grand stories like VI or VII.

In some ways, Turn based combat really is a thing of the past. And that might not be such a bad thing.

Takwin1222d ago

I miss the turn based combat, as that is my favorite form of RPG. I love tactical maps when combat starts where each team gets a turn or each character based upon some "speed" (both can be done very well).

I am ok with games that mix them like Dragon Age Inquisition or Transistor, but I definitely prefer Shadowrun or Divinity Original Sin.

In my OPINION, I wish they had two versions of Final Fantasy, one strictly turn-based like the old ones, but with updated graphics and everything else. And one just like this one.

trickstertwist1222d ago

ff 10? really? by that statement there I acknowledge the rest of anything you have to say is bullshit 10 was good but the pinnacle HELL NO story was horrible

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