Octodad Dadliest Catch coming to the Xbox One this summer

Young Horses INC have revealed today that Octodad: Dadliest Catch will be coming to the Xbox One this Summer.

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gangsta_red890d ago

Nice, i heard this game was weird. This was one of the first indie games to launch with the PS4, good to see it's coming to the Xbox One and WiiU too (if I'm not mistaken).

MasterCornholio890d ago

Yeah the game is pretty wacky. I'm glad that XB1 is getting this game.

iamnsuperman890d ago

Honestly I would save your money and get the free first version of this game. For some reason it doesn't translate to a controller very well. The storytelling is a lot better in this version but if you want some weird fun, and don't want to pay for it, download the free first instalment for a PC. It will run on anything and it is far better

sarshelyam890d ago

It's a lot of fun! Good to see it's making the jump as I, and my kids, have a blast with it on the PS4.

Immorals890d ago

This game looks strange.

I like that, now take my money!

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