What's Sony's Plan for Fall Without Uncharted 4?

IGN - Yes, Uncharted 4 has been delayed until 2016 and that could be a bad thing. But, what our conversation presupposes is... maybe it isn't?

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Rimeskeem1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Cause without Uncharted 4 the ps4 has no exclusives


Big_Game_Hunters1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Big holiday 2015 exclusives?
@below i said big lol, and persona isn't exclusive.

Rimeskeem1223d ago

No Mans Sky, Until Dawn, R and C, Tear Away, The Tomorrow Children, Persona 5 and Rime (naming a few)

Who says you need one when you can have many?

Viryu1223d ago

What about Deep Down?

FordGTGuy1223d ago


He said big exclusives not indie games on PC and niche titles.

Charybdis1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

To be fair uncharted 4 overshadows all of the above games it being an established successful game with an already existing large fan base.

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NewMonday1223d ago

Marty Silva looks very uncomfortable in front of the camera

AngelicIceDiamond1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

@Rime Yes but bunch of indies and niche titles isn't really speaking to the thirst of the overall AAA hardcore gamer. Come this gaming season.

When you make that list how many will truly be satisfied form either a exclusive or 1st party point of view?

How many will truly download and play those?

You and other PlayStation gamers may play and download those but there were MANY who are not just waiting for Uncharted but other Sony AAA magic.

So far Bloodborne will tie it down for many, for the the mean time but the what about later? down the line?

I know third party will rule I'm aware but that's not the argument. The argument is how many will download and play those games and be ultimately satisfied with Sony that gaming season, Overall?

Gotta wait till E3 too see Sony's plans.

360ICE1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Let's be honest. At this point, Persona 5 is exclusive. I mean, has anyone even seen the PS3 version of LittleBigPlanet 3 or the 360 version of Horizon 2?

All I know is those versions weren't interesting. And the games are basically exclusive to their next gen platforms.

kowan1223d ago

Persona is Playstation exclusive. While it's also gonna be released in the Ps3, it is safe to say most will buy it for the Ps4. Until Dawn, Tomorrow children can become big if it's good and gets enough media attention just like how games like Heavy Rain or Journey started with little recognition and became something big. Ratchet And Clank is already big enough and Tearaway is by media molecule.

Palitera1223d ago Show
Christopher1223d ago

I didn't know you had to have a "big holiday" exclusive in order to do well.

Let me check how they did last year without one...

miyamoto1223d ago

How about combine the size of these PS4 games not coming to XB1 this year:

Toukiden Kiwami
Dragon Quest Heroes
Tearaway Unfolded
Persona 5
Disgaea 5
Neptunia 2 V
No Man's Sky
Sword Art Online Lost Song
Ratchet and Clank
Until Dawn
J Stars Victory Versus Plus

but wait there is more!

MysticStrummer1223d ago

"Big holiday 2015 exclusives?"

Such a strange attitude to me, but that way of thinking is exactly what MS is counting on. So far it's not working though.

JMyers1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )


Wow... its amazing how Sony's titles are played down... any exclusive that isn't tripple A is just disregarded by XB1 owners. Yet I see A LOT of talk about Ori and Scream ride. MS may have tripple As during the holiday, but what is there from Jan-Aug?

Indies and PC titles only matter when its on Xbox.

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bleedsoe9mm1223d ago

its going to be interesting to see how many of sony's 1st party studios are working on morpheus games making sure that early 2016 launch succeeds

daxter19191223d ago

2015: All Playstation (PS4) Exclusive Games (220+ Games with screens inside)

WellyUK1223d ago

It's still coming out lol... Doesn't matter that it's being delayed a few months as there is so many great games coming out at the end of the year and once we get bored of them we will be looking forward to the gem that is Uncharted 4 in 2016.

dboyman1223d ago

I agree. Plus the reason if the delay is Sony/Naughty Dog don't want a repeat do Driveclub issue...

360ICE1223d ago

Well, delays kind of was the Driveclub issue. Delayed game, delayed content, delayed server updates, delayed PS Plus version.

jb2271223d ago

I'm a huge Sony fan, always have been, absolutely love every console they've released, but this delay is a bit of a blow for me personally. Uncharted is my bread & butter, I'm a huge fan of tps action adventure titles & for my tastes there's not much coming in the holidays as of yet that would be a day one buy for me. Makes the Rise of the Tomb Raider timed exclusive deal all the more bitter, I'd have loved to kill time waiting for UC by playing TR but now there's little in a similar vein for me. Definitely looking forward to Arkham Knight & Until Dawn & a lot of the indies, but a few of the bigger ones are still up in the air & could easily slip into 2016 as well.

Sony definitely needs to secure something great in the Action/Adventure vein for the holidays, multi plats this year aren't inspiring a lot of faith after AC's fiasco last year & the potential for Battlefront to not drop too soon. I'm just hoping that something comes along to tickle my itch, first, second or third party, doesn't matter to me, just as long as it's some quality campaign action that I can sink my teeth into.

kenshiro1001223d ago

Why do people like you assume the sky's falling when there ARE other games coming out?

LackTrue4K1223d ago

I'm hoping they will get a costume ready for Halloween, get some turkey for thanksgiving. And have gifts for their fans.

nitus101222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

So instead of purchasing exclusives for the PS4 during the lead up to Christmas we purchase cross platform games or games that we like and want instead, when was that a problem?

Also it must be noted that not everyone likes Action/Adventure games which is the genres that Uncharted 4 falls into.

Sure Uncharted 4 can be a system seller but what will mainly sell the PS4 in the lead up to Christmas even if Uncharted 4 was available is by making bundles that appeal to different groups..

Basically those people who have a PS4 and want Uncharted 4 will most probably get it when it gets released anyway. Sure they may be disappointed but many people who want the game are quite happy to wait.

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Silly gameAr1223d ago

What's this infatuation with fall. Isn't gaming a year round hobby?

KwietStorm1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Sales numbers. It's been this way since the dawn of time. It's like sweeps week for games. I don't know why people keep acting like this isn't a thing. You can argue all you want that Sony/PlayStation doesn't need game X at Y time, but don't act like you don't know what the Fall/Holiday season means for the platform holders and for the industry. And for us, it's always been when the big games everyone has been looking forward to get released, for the reasons I just said, until recent years when games get pushed from Fall to Spring, like Uncharted.

Jaqen_Hghar1223d ago

It's big for hardware but it's actually better to launch your game away from the flood in November. That way you get your initial surge and attention instead of being lost in a sea of other releases. Then you get a secondary surge in November and usually see some bundles.

SoapShoes1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

People buy systems during the holidays based on what's out. They don't base it on just one or two months of releases so don't act like consumers are so narrow visioned they see what goes on year round. Also having games year round is a much better strategy for people who ALREADY bought your console and new buyers. If you release games year round the good games people couldn't play end up being cheaper for them when they have the chance rather than having all the games full price because they released them all in the holidays.

Not to mention you risk losing customers to your competition when they get tired of waiting ten months for something unique to their system.

OB1Biker1223d ago

Yea the compagnies tell you 'the holiday season' is the more important so you as a gamer. You care about the 'holiday season'.
That's fanboy BS or for kids who get their games only for Xmas. Like if they delay a Spring game to release it in the Fall you'd be happy. Ridiculous
Personally I'd like all the games to be released ASAP (when ready) and the rest is Sony and Ms probems and doesn't bother me

WelkinCole1223d ago

Just because you and companies wait for the fall does not mean everyone else does.

I don't just game during the falls.

MysticStrummer1223d ago

"I don't know why people keep acting like this isn't a thing."

I don't see anyone argue that it isn't a thing. The question is, why is it a thing when it's obviously better to have more games throughout the entire year? Clearly MS hasn't learned this yet, unless their goal is to only win those few months but lose overall year after year.

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Muzikguy1223d ago

I think it's more like what the media is portraying it as. They like to assume a lot. Just like "gamers play more games in the fall/winter because it's cold outside". I've heard that many times, and in the grand scheme of things that's not true at all. Then you have more game sales in the timeframe of fall/winter so they assume what they think is actually true. Well, games sell more because of the holidays, and many of the heavy hitters hit around that time. THAT is why there are more sales.

I game year round, not just in the winter. Some of my favorite games release in the spring and summer. Really, it just doesn't matter. Analysts just look at numbers and trends and think they know it all. Some of my favorite times to play are on a warm summer's night with the windows open.

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SmokingMonkey1223d ago


No Man's Sky

Physical release, Collector's edition's


Timesplitter141223d ago

As far as I'm concerned, PS4's plan for 2015, 2016 and 2017 is Bloodborne

Joda1223d ago

lol. +bubbles

but, but, what about pixel junk shooters?

MysticStrummer1223d ago

As far as I'm concerned, XB1 has no plan yet this generation.

nitus101222d ago

I definitely liked the Souls series although haven't play DS II yet but I will when I eventually get a PS4 with hopefully a DS II, Bloodborn and possible two RPG's bundle. Now that would keep me happily gaming till sometime in 2016.

Of course throw in Elder Scrolls VI if/when it comes out and if Oblivion and Skyrim are anything to go by I'm good till 2017.

KionicWarlord2221223d ago

Sony doesn't need a plan. Ps4 has enough SUPERIOR multipalts to suffice the holidays and exclusive games like Omega Quinlet and Fairy Fencer.

People dont really get sonys strategy. There beyond mere mortals here on n4g.

andibandit1223d ago

You are forgetting
Onechanbara Z2, also known in the general public as
"Bikini Zombie Slayer"

ThinkThink1223d ago

Also don't forget Oki Doki Artichokie: Paper Edition.

itsjustexuma1223d ago

Sony allowed Naughty Dogs to delay the game so that means Sony has some other things gor the holidays too

Outthink_The_Room1223d ago

I can't see that happening, to be honest.

Aside from Bloodborne, I can't think of a single PS4 exclusive that will get a commercial.

Think about that. For the next 9 months, the only games that will hit the advertising scene on PS4, will be multiplatform games.

That's terrible. It's not even like Sony can use Morpheus commercials, since that's coming in 2016. So aside from 3rd Party deals, PS4 will have almost no presence in the advertising and marketing world.

Bytor1222d ago

Ratchet and Clank will get commercials they already have some of the best commercials ever made.

ThinkThink1223d ago

You really think Sony had a say as to when Naughty Dog releases their game? Naughty Dog tells Sony when their game will be ready and Sony says.. ok thank you.

LonDonE1223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

Lol EXACTLY i seriously think now a Uncharted trrilogy boxset will hit this fall since allot of 360 gamers came over to the PS4.

I think it speaks volumes that sony has allowed U5 to be delayed, potentially leaving fall 2015 without a mainstream game on PS4.
I respect that big time!

With Halo 5 coming plus tomb raider, PS4 needs sumink atleast for me who owns and games on all platforms.

I want more exclusives on my PS4 is all! i know they have plenty but not all of them r to my taste, uncharted was supposed to be the big one for me, and i suspect many others who r naughty dog fans. :(

rainslacker1222d ago (Edited 1222d ago )

I really do question the motives of these articles to come out now. Is it really so hard for people to wait a few weeks for E3? Sony will make their holiday plans pretty clear then like they do every year. MS will do the's not rocket science to speculate. I guess they just want to make it seem like Sony has nothing to offer after Bloodborne, which is just ridiculous.


You know, an UC trilogy remaster could be a good thing this holiday...particular if it includes the MP. MCC collection did quite well on the X1 last holiday, so why wouldn't Sony do the same with their flagship franchise? Maybe that's one reason it got delayed, so they can drop that announcement at E3.