The Last Guardian could find the perfect home on the PS4

The PS4 could be the perfect place for The Last Guardian.

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AngelicIceDiamond1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

U4 got delayed for a year so that leaves.

GoW 4 will be shown off at E3, Guerrilla Games new Ip showcased. Media Molecule new Ip shown off Quantic Dreams new Ip demoed at E3

Those games probably won't come out until next year. Maybe Quantic dreams since its been 2 years. Same could be said about GG technically.

Project Morpheus compatible games demoed at E3 on stage. Sony announces PM studios creating PM exclusive games.

Side Note: Sony's line up of 2016 sounds HUGE.

Sony Bend new project could drop this holiday. Its been forever we heard from them. It could be a Vita game or a AAA PS4 game they said its not Siphon Filter.

So all that leaves Grand Turismo 7 will definitely be shown off this year and probably released this year.

And surprise The Last Guardian October of this year and that PS2 legendary title releasing this year. Think about it, U4 pushed back. Sony is smart they won't leave this holiday gaming season dry. So I'm seeing GT7 PS2 legendary Ip and The Last guardian finally this year.

ArchangelMike1221d ago

I don't know man?! If The Last Guardian Releases this Holiday then OK, Sony will have a huge holiday title - but I seriously doubt it'll release even next year!

E3 announcement will no doubt boost PS$ sales and generate hype, but gamers want new gemes. What AAA PS4 games will tide us through the hoiday season?

AngelicIceDiamond1221d ago

"What AAA PS4 games will tide us through the hoiday season?"

It could be GT7 being one of them.

But in a more realistic scenario I can see Media Molecule new game GT7 and Quantic Dreams new Ip release this year.

But that's literally a rough estimate. Quantic Dreams takes times to create their projects same with Polyphony.

All their new Ips and existing Ips are releasing next year.

Which makes 2016 for Sony to look forward to easily.

@Arch Its really, really hard to say because Sony is very tight lipped on its first party

But in terms of this holiday my bet is GT7 and Media Molecule's Ip to release this gaming season.

MrSec841221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

IMO Gran Turismo 7, a new Killzone game based on Mercenary, but made from the ground up for PS4, The Last Guardian and Ratchet & Clank will be Sony's Fall Line-up.

R&C will be pushed to Early Fall (around the 22nd of September), then Killzone Mercenary PS4 a few weeks later, then The Last Guardian in November, with GT7 in December.

PS4 also gets a price cut to $299/£279, great bundles and it'll own the holiday. Sony will be fine if they do this.

DivoJones1221d ago

The Last Guardian remains vaporware. Aside from renewing a trademark, there has been no screenshots, gameplay, or even a mention. I doubt it'll even get mentioned at E3 this year.

tekksin1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

remember when we were all like "2015 is gonna be huge for ps4!" i can't think of anything, now, that isnt multiplat. U4's delay took the wind outta my sails..

edit: forgot about bloodborne for a second, but then that leaves the rest of the year...

GameBoyColor1221d ago

maybe a level 5 game at e3(TGS) :D *excitement intensifies*

showtimefolks1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

The last Guardian has to be coming out soon now

GT7, this is a mistake IMO. Sony should just release GT no need for numbers

getaway 3 on hold maybe restarted development
eight days maybe?
sony santa monica has 3 teams one is doing GOW what about the other 2

i am not worried at all, sony has been at this for a while now so we know they will have atleast few big hitters come fall 2015

also why is it that gamers only count exclusives?

MGS5 will do better on ps4 so it will boost sales
the witcher 3 should do better on ps4 since bigger install base

so its not all about exclusives

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Jedislayer1221d ago

I just want this game to come out already. It's versus XIII all over again

WelkinCole1221d ago

SOTC is a masterpiece. A game that is timeless. There are no real words to describe it. That is why waiting for this game is both so hard but at the same time I know it will be worth it once it comes out.

TripC501221d ago

Mayweather Pacquiao fight and The Last Guardian....Both of these things should have happened years ago

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