Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain interview: Eric Dodds

John Bedford (MetaBomb): Hearthstone's game director Eric Dodds is in London this week to attend the BAFTA awards ceremony, where the game is in contention for a total of three prizes.

We had the opportunity to speak with him at Rezzed - the PC and Indie gaming event run by MetaBomb's parent company Gamer Network - about the current state of Hearthstone as we approach the release of the Blackrock Mountain Adventure.

Read on to find out how the team goes about designing new cards, selecting Adventures, and whether Dr. Boom and the Hunter Hero deserve a swing of the nerf-bat. If you were hoping for a nostalgic trip back to Karazhan before last week's Blackrock Mountain announcement...well, we might just have some good news for you on that front too.

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