The Best Games of 2015 live on Xbox One

The best exclusives and biggest blockbusters of 2015 live on Xbox One.

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aviator1891224d ago

holy crap.....Halo 5 footage??!

christocolus1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

yes it was ...cant wait

KionicWarlord2221224d ago

Lord Phil over there delivering a halo 5 tease and a confirmation tomb raider still set for 2015.


AngelicIceDiamond1224d ago

Yeah and it looks better than I thought.

Automatic791224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Love Xbox One there games are fantastic, no need to look elsewhere. Great year ahead.

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Fro_xoxo1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

If everything goes according to plan. . That'll be the case.

christocolus1224d ago

Its going to be a great year indeed.

Fro_xoxo1224d ago

as far as exclusives go, MS got it in the bag.

Manic20141224d ago

Ahh, i hate that they did not show Quantum Break in that teaser. Will keep me wondering if they have delayed it. Anyways this will be an awesome year of games all round.

AngelicIceDiamond1224d ago

I still think its coming out this year. Even though Aaron greenberg didn't correct that fake user I'm pretty sure its still coming.

Aaron works for MS sure but I don't think he keeps updates from Remedy like Phil does or any other the studios for that matter. He works for marketing while Phil manages 1st party directly.

So Phil will probably have the answer to that.

I think a 2015 is still very possible.

Kingdomcome2471224d ago

I hope so, but I also want the best game possible. It's my second most anticipated game, though so the wait sucks.

christocolus1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Quantum Break isn't the only title missing. Forza6 and Fable legends were absent too but we know they are coming this year.

Manic20141224d ago

Yeah, I get Forza 6 as they really haven't shown gameplay or a trailer but Fable Legends, not sure why either. Hopefully we'll get some news on those games too. but for QB i was more interested as i love what remedy games come to become and I've been so psyched for it since the reveal.

OpieWinston1224d ago

It means Quantum Break doesnt have a set release date. It COULD be pushed back to 2016 if they feel they need a bit more time. This is Remedy we're talking about. Alan Wake was pushed back multiple times to achieve the high quality product we were given.

Manic20141224d ago

I mean i really don't mind the delay if there is, just like UC4 i'm too excited for QB. Even though the delay's are for the best, can't really shake of that anticipation I've had.

WizzroSupreme1224d ago

Hope Halo 5's online is better than the Master Chief Collection's.

Death1224d ago

Everyone that played in the Beta I have spoken with enjoyed it. The last MCC update seems to have taken care of the rest of the persistent issues online had too. If you've been putting it off, it looks like now would be a good time to jump in.

Elit3Nick1224d ago

It's astonishing how stable the beta was, aside from early matchmaking issues I've had virtually non-existent lag in all my matches.

magiciandude1224d ago

Xbox One is in for an awesome holiday this year with all the highly anticipated exclusives coming for it as well as Sony giving MS a free leg-up with the Uncharted 4 delay. Great time to be an Xbox gamer. :D

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