WorthPlaying: Battlefield Hardline: Multiplayer Hands-On

WorthPlaying writes, "Battlefield Hardline is set for release in less than a week, but we wanted to jump into the multiplayer side a little early so I spent the last two days visiting EA headquarters in Redwood City, playing multiplayer with roughly 30 other critics. Because the retail servers weren’t available, EA had us all playing on a local LAN with a custom Battlefield Hardline server. We got to see all of the game modes, but didn’t experience the matchmaking interface or character progression. Every time the EA admin reset the custom server, all character progress was wiped. As a result, you shouldn’t think of these as final impressions (those will be in the review next week), but rather as an overview of what to expect when you head online."

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jagermaster6191047d ago

Don't think I'll be getting this since they lied 900p on ps4 and 720p on xbo terrible terrible liars they said 1080 on both but 720 you gotta be kidding me!!!!!!!!!