Batman: Arkham Knight - Cinematic TV Spot

Cinematic TV Spot of Batman: Arkham Knight in 60fps.

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DarkOcelet1042d ago

This game will surely be amazing. I cant wait to play it.

DuoBrian1042d ago

Can't wait to drive the batmobile.

d_g1042d ago

can't wait to play this game

ZombieKiller1042d ago

Yeah we are in for a treat with this game. I'm dying for it

itsjustexuma1042d ago

Isn't it a little too early for thetv commercial?

TheJacksonRGN1042d ago

My thoughts as well. WB must be going hard with this, or maybe we'll get an earlier release. Who knows.

WizzroSupreme1042d ago

Batman's looking better than ever. So glad it'll get to be as dark as Rocksteady's wanted.

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