GamesRelated | Review: Ori and the Blind Forest (XBox One)

Once in a while a new studio comes out with their first title and simply floors gamers.

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GearSkiN891d ago

Oh man gotta admit for an indie game, this deff a contender... Best looking side scroller out there! Beautiful! And the soundtrack, oh my..!

Foehammer891d ago (Edited 891d ago )

"Ori and the Blind Forest is a must play. It's a rare treat that every gamer should play. I had a blast and couldn't put it down. "

Now that's high praise

Moon Studios really hit it out of the park.

Godz Kastro891d ago

I buying this Friday. Seems like a great game. Getting great reviews.

WizzroSupreme891d ago

I hear some people can't stand this game – I don't know why. Looks spectacular, can't wait to get my hands on it come spring break.

KiwiViper85891d ago

You must hang out with hipsters, cause its been nothing but universal praise across the board.

starchild891d ago

I haven't heard that. Who are you talking to? Even on Steam it has like 98 or 99% pure positive reviews from users.

Moldiver891d ago

Downloaded the other day. This game is pure magic :)

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