Project CARS – Four new track screenshots

Slightly Mad Studios and BANDAI NAMCO Games Europe S.A.S are proud to announce four new tracks coming to Project CARS. Here are the four tracks screenshot-ed in all their glory.

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Iceball20001227d ago

How about spending more time getting the game done and out. Here they are worried about screen shots.

Lamboomington1227d ago


As we all know making an announcement and putting up 4 screenshots takes an absolutely monumental amount of time.
They should never do that.

uth111227d ago

They shouldn't tease on one hand then let everyone down with constant delays. Lots of people are giving up on it. Set a solid release date first, they get people hyped

Lamboomington1227d ago

They are drip feeding tracks. When tracks are licensed, they'll announce them.

If the game still needs more time, which it does, it will be delayed. It has nothing to do with anything. They still need to 'drip feed' tracks.
Just because the game delayed, doesn't make listing announcing some tracks bad.

Delays are nothing special now. People should get used to them ESPECIALLY for crowdfunded games like this. Even Star Citizen for example.
I wouldn't be too surprised if pCars gets delayed in May too

Ck1x1227d ago

I think the interest in this game will be dead by the time it finally releases!

Lamboomington1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

For console versions maybe. Still a lot of people playing and following this on PC.
Besides, consoles have their dedicated sims. Although they might not be capable of being as hardcore or sim focused, they're still going to be very high quality, and higher quality than what a multiplat can give

Brettman20081227d ago

There are no sims on PS4. Project Cars is looking pretty awesome though.

ps4fanboy1227d ago

The game has potential, but from the constant builds and updates , I can only assume the team making it are very under- staffed or under-funded , which go hand in hand I suppose.

XTGN1227d ago

The images here do look bloody brilliant though. Regardless of the politic of delayed release, it's still very much a stunning looking game that's for sure.