Homefront: The Revolution Is Alive, Planned For 2016 Release On PC & Current-Gen Consoles

Development on Homefront: The Revolution continues at full speed, with the game now scheduled for release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Mac, as well as Windows and Linux PC in 2016.

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DarkOcelet1080d ago

Hopefully this game turns out to be good in the end.

Dlacy13g1080d ago

Yeah, I rather enjoyed the first Homefront even with all its issues. Hoping they really learned from that.

RiseofScorpio1080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

The Multiplayer was insanely good. But lacked content.

WellyUK1080d ago

MP on the first was fantastic, shame they aren't doing it in this one which is a killer for me and most people i know who were hoping for MP.

Activemessiah1080d ago

Hopefully lead platform is PC...

SteamPowered1080d ago

Im getting anxious to see which new games start hailing SteamOS as well as Windows.

BLow1080d ago

Hopefully the game is good on ALL platforms. I don't care what it was lead on.

d_g1080d ago

i think this is a good Decision for the game

we don’t want another assassin's creed unity

NobleRed1080d ago

Hopefully they will add competitive mp.

WellyUK1080d ago

They HAVE to as it was the first games strongest part.

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The story is too old to be commented.