Why Red Death is the deadliest rifle in Destiny

One hundred percent health regeneration and faster reloads – come with us as we take the ‘Guardian killer’ out for exercise.

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Neonridr1165d ago

One of the few exotics that is eluding me at this point. I didn't buy it when Xur had it for sale that one week.

Christopher1164d ago

If true, awesome. Then all I'm missing is Ghallahorn and Hawkmoon! Oh, and that really rare machine gun, but I'd never use it.

Themba761164d ago

yea i got 2 in a span of 20 mins last week this games rng sux they refuse to give me gally good gun though.

Mikelarry1164d ago

Alpha player here only got gally on tuesday and i must say i can now enjoy the game instead of playing to just get gally

OmegaShen1164d ago

I got gjhorn alot of times from weekly nightfall, I just break it down because I only need one and I can't trade it.

As for Red Death, been rolling with sense the loot cave was around.

vastolorde6661164d ago

Curse you,you do not break ghaly.No matter how many you get.Respect the people grinding for that exotic.Its an unspoken rule" you do not break ghally..I have one maxed and two in vault and if i get another i won't break it.i repeat you don't break a ghorn.

OmegaShen1164d ago

I only need one to rule them all.

Christopher1164d ago

I hate you.

I don't, but I really do.

AKS1163d ago

I have the Gjallarhorn, but I don't use it much unless it's with my Titan using Ruin Wings.

Hunger of Crota or one of my Radagast's Fury launchers usually does the job for PvE, and Truth is king of PvP. I also have some very good LMGs, including Thunderlord and an Against All Odds with great stability perks. I use the Icebreaker, Hawkmoon, or even Bad Juju (Warlock is my favorite class) much more frequently than Gjallarhorn.

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GutZ311164d ago

Xur has it right now. 3/13/15

kayoss1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

For the longest time I didnt know you can only equip one exotic weapon at a time. My first exotic was the Hawkmoon, which is a primary. I then got the Ice breaker but never used it (Not really great at sniping so i stuck it in the vault). I then got the Red Death a few days back. I was playing Crota ends with a bunch of random guys last night. They told me if i have the ice breaker to equip it. I told the guys my game is glitched and couldnt equip it. I felt so stupid when he say, "you see that warning? You cant equip two exotics at the same time".

But i do noticed that exotics take longer to level up. Its seems to take longer than legendary. I got the mur mur and equiped it at the same time as my Red Death. The mur mur is leveling up faster than the red death. Can anyone confirm this?

AKS1163d ago (Edited 1163d ago )

Yes, exotic weapons take a long time. Exotic armor doesn't seem to take that long to level up, but weapons definitely do unless you're doing tons of bounties with telemetries.

On the other hand, exotic weapons start with a significantly higher attack rating than legendary weapons.

Nykamari1164d ago

He is selling it and it fell for me in a raid on Venus. We I can save my coins.

pulsarinferno1164d ago

Bought 3 finally reason to spend my 250 coins

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