DmC: Definitive Edition Review - Dante's Deadly Delight [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn writes: Despite the incredibly frustrating platforming, it's impossible to deny that this really is the Definitive Edition of a classic melee-action title. Newbies can enjoy the slickest version on the market, packed with all the DLC. Returning hardcore fans will find a serious challenge in the extra difficulties and hardcore modifiers. All that fuss over a haircut seems pretty stupid now.

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Blues Cowboy1074d ago

"All that fuss over a haircut seems pretty stupid now."

It seemed pretty stupid at the time in fairness.

Don't get me wrong, I preferred the *character* of Dante in the original games, but focusing on the hair -- which turned out to be a story point anyway -- was overreaction pure and simple.

bggriffiths1074d ago

I love that bit early on when the white wig lands on him and he laughs and says ' not in a million years.' Don't poke the beartrolls, Ninja Theory!