Valkyria Chronicles is just £5.10 on PC for 24 hours - don't miss out

Dealspwn: "This is the best price we've ever seen for SEGA's cult classic strategy RPG that finally made its way to PC after years of demand. It's an utterly sensational game, both in terms of storyline, strategy, characters, mechanics and art style, and a steal for just over a fiver. You'll have to get your skates on, though, because the price will reset in less than 24 hours."

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bggriffiths950d ago

Man I wish they'd (Sega?) dust off this IP. Enjoyed both of them on PS3 and PSP. A little tough for my liking, but I've always got the option of going back. Man, unless my PSP is dead, it's not been charged for years.

Blues Cowboy950d ago

Sadly SEGA are downsizing their console games. Shame, because they're capable of great things, at least when they're not shovelling heaped steaming piles of Sonic excrement onto us.

ktype2950d ago

And if they ever get their head back into the game and paid attention to the franchise, I'd love to see more exploration on its setting's history. Plus cameos of some old characters.

Blues Cowboy950d ago

@ktype2: Completely agreed. There's so much more they could do, even if it's a reboot or distant prequel.

deaddragonz949d ago

Id love to play them on PS4. I have the first two still. Loved those games!

DragoonsScaleLegends950d ago

Last time I checked TPB had this game for free...

Blues Cowboy950d ago

Last time I checked great games are worth paying for.

DragoonsScaleLegends950d ago

Last time I checked great games are available for free on TPB.

Lon3wolf950d ago

As are thousands of others for consoles and PC, your point?

Blues Cowboy950d ago

Definitely seems to be £5.10 with 20 hours yet to go?

Blues Cowboy950d ago

Depends on region. Sadly our VAT bites us in the tender regions when it comes to exchange rates!

Spurg950d ago

Oh the person linked it to greenman gaming where it as 14.99...he fixed the link.