The best video game remakes in Project Spark

GamesRadar:"Cynics would have it that Team Dakota’s ‘digital canvas’ is great for making games, as long as they look and sound and play like Fable. Nonsense. Well, okay, it is great for making those, since the default fantasy skin set is the only one you don’t have to shell out extra for, but that’s nothing a little ingenuity can’t get around. Though there are some great original efforts around (check out zombie-herding strategy-actioner Patient Zero), it should come as no surprise that remakes dominate the community creations. Here are seven examples that showcase the surprising versatility of Project Spark’s world-builder."

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Godmars2901047d ago

Why isn't anyone talking about this game? Think this is the first article about it I've seen since it came out.

curtis921047d ago

What's there to talk about? it's a novelty game where you can make an infinite number of extremely mediocre mini games.

BlackTar1871047d ago

That's selling this game way short.

Godmars is right this deserves for media attention.

AutoCad1047d ago

Everyone was on Little Big Planets bandwagon...

gangsta_red1047d ago

I like Project Spark and I think MS should showcase this more with the games people have made for it like they do on it's channel.

I don't think anyone is talking about it because it's a game maker and not actually a game. As in, you can probably find the people deeply involved with making games on a Project Spark Forum.

There really isn't any BIG news about this game to warrant multiple articles being made and submitted to N4G.

DevilOgreFish1047d ago

It's fun. I have this on my PC and i also played it also on the Xbox one. it's definitely fun to lose yourself into.

Some screens i made a while back.

WizzroSupreme1047d ago

I'd only get into Project Spark for Conker, but its looks fun if you've got a tone of times on your hands.