Here’s Johnny: 5 Things We Learned From Mortal Kombat X’s New Trailer

Here are 5 things we learned from this Mortal Kombat X trailer. While one of them may be “Sonya and Johnny confirmed,” that already sort of happened thanks to an errant Amazon listing. So really, here are 5 other things we learned from the new Mortal Kombat X trailer.

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gangsta_red956d ago

Doesn't this Johnny Cage bear some resemblance to the actor Jeremy Renner?

tucky956d ago

Disgusting character design.

Worst graphics I have seen for a very long time. Definitely not for me.

georgenancy956d ago

i think you're alone on that one,game has been well received by many people

Mystickay86955d ago

Just pay that troll toll already.

hkgamer956d ago

i some how saw johnny 5 & mortal kombat and thought wtf.

for the youngsters out there, johnny 5 was a robot from the movie short circuit. looks kinda like wall-e. read chappie description and it sounds kinda like that.

dohji955d ago

OMG I clicked on this article cause I thought it was advertising a Johnny 5 game...that's what I get for not fully reading the title. I still remember when Brawl had R.O.B. as a new character and I was like WTF Johnny 5 is in the game lol.

IrisHeart956d ago

Sonya? Ugh. I don't think Boon is capable of doing feminine faces...

georgenancy956d ago

she looks better here than she did in mk9,plus kitana looks good

IrisHeart955d ago

That isn't saying much though...

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