Microsoft Desperately Wants Xbox One To Win, 'Winning Matters More To Them Than Short Term Profit'

Microsoft led the NPD numbers back in November and December of 2014 but in January 2015, the PS4 took over the top position again.

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Fro_xoxo1253d ago

We benefit from the competition..

Naga1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Indeed. Competition drives quality such that we take home the spoils of the console wars.

And theirs is the right perspective to have; anyone who treats the console race like a sprint, rather than a marathon, will be doomed to fail.

Cindy-rella1253d ago

There will be $250 and 250 quid xbox one bundle at holiday time this year

vishmarx1253d ago

wasn't the 360 exactly that?
top tier quality exclusives for the first few years and then it fell off a cliff.
in any case, I hope they do good.
but no way theyre winning the gen at this point.
Itd take miracle for them to beat ps4 worldwide

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Naga1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

@ vishmarx

The 360 didn't end as well as it started, if that's what you're asking. That said, the departure of Don Mattrick & Crew has marked a substantial shift in perspective regarding the Xbox brand. There's no telling what the future of this competition holds.

XB1_PS41253d ago

360 dominated the beginning of last gen. That's not good for the Xbox team. They only are acceptable when they have to come from behind. I'd rather Sony be ahead all the time, so MS is always clawing for the front spot. The harder they claw, the more I benefit.

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dcbronco1253d ago

I'm not sure why anyone believes it will take a miracle for Xbox to catch up. It's very early in the life cycle of these consoles. PS4 is a purpose designed machine. Everything but games is a add-on. Xbox One was designed to grow with time. I think the long game is always the smartest move.

People joke about the cloud. Bandwidth being the main reason. But bandwidth speed grows every year. Everyone doesn't have great speed, but many do. But we're talking the chicken or the egg there. Not many had broadband when Live launched. Phones will hit gigabit speeds in five years. At some point the viability of the cloud and consoles will meet and that will be this generation. Microsoft is now a major player in the cloud business. That's why they give developers access to dedicated servers for free. Because the cost is covered by business client on Azure. Azure is also the reason Microsoft can drop Live fees later and it won't matter. The fees aren't the income driver. Sony isn't in a position to do the same. They have no major income from their servers besides gaming. None of their other server based services are major profit makers. Azure revenue is going to outstrip Office and Windows, that's why the upgrade to 10 is free for a year.

I've been reading the tech forums a lot and one of the things I've noticed is the programmers and computer guys seem to like the Xbox design better. Especially when it comes to future possibilities. Many believe that Xbox was a far more future proof design. With more room for new APIs like DX12 and OpenGL Next to grow.

Then there are things about DX12 like it supposedly sees all GPUs as one. Even from different vendors. Which makes me believe not only can Xbox One get a boost from the cloud, it could get one from a local cloud. Add a hub and connect your PC, laptop, tablet or another Xbox One. DX12 apparently just sees it as a part of the resources. The OS is just a virtual machine so it makes sense. Once the move is made to Windows 10, all of the devices will be using the same code. The PC games will scale, why not Xbox One games? They will all be the same.

So resolution gate could move from 1080p to 4k. I wouldn't place any bets on a winner yet. There is a lot of gaming yet to be played. But if I was betting. I'd always bet on elegant design over brute force.

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NatureOfLogic_1253d ago

Desperate or not, I won't be owning a Xbone this gen. Inferior muliplats and few exclusives compared to the competition is not worth it.

vishmarx1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

last gen 360 outsold ps3 2 to 1 in the US.
and despite that, they ended roughly on the same numbers.
ps4 is almost a million units ahead in US.
and almost 10 million units ahead everywhere else.
so even if xb1 sold twice as many as its current units in US and ps4 sold 0 units worldwide at that time, the xbox would still be millions behind.
now looking at this year, ps4 will start selling much better in japan, which has barely contributed anything so far,ps4 also has exclusives all year round unlike xb1s holiday rush, not to mention a big part of its charm is the usual forza /halo combo , and given both the games have had their iterations on x1 already its reasonable to assume a good chunk of its fanbase has already bought the console.
so unless something drastic happens the gap will only widen this year. and even if xbox finally ups the tempo then, it would have already lost EU and JP completely to sony. and finally, its the lead platform for a lot of games, similar to how the 360 was last gen

tl dr
ps4 established itself in us much better than ps3, which hurt ps3 sales last gen
xbox lost out on a lot of its audience outside US, which was the main reason ps3 ended up with same numbers last gen .
both the things directly benefit the ps4 and show no signs of change

and before you talk vgchartz numbers , heres a few things you should know
their ps4 sits at 19m units while sony confirmed 20.2m sold through last month.
their xbox sits at 11.5m while ms are yet to even confirm 10 million sold through

AngelicIceDiamond1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Its just a Michael Pachter predictions. The title tried to make it sound like MS made that statement.

When compared to PS4 sales I'm glad MS is behind. They're bringing the games from all sizes.

Which makes X1 every bit the games console as the PS4.

MS can stay behind in sales for all I care. Like I said if it means great games and I am a gamer (obviously) which is mainly all I care about so why do I care what the sales look like?

I want MS to have healthy sales sure just so they can keep going but I want great gaming at the end of the day.

dcbronco1253d ago


None of us has any idea what features are coming in the future. Basing assumptions purely on gaming and not the overall offering is shortsighted. The Wii did extremely well early and dropped off after every grandmother that wanted one had one. But that initial opening of the mainstream market was huge.

Microsoft could position themselves for a similar move. The ability to code once across all platforms makes casuals more likely to choose Xbox One if they can bring their phone game to their TV. Streaming PC to Xbox will make a PC gamer more likely to buy an Xbox. Again especially if you add buy once, play anywhere.

Sony's decision to focus purely on such a limited market when the fastest growing markets are made more accessible by Xbox was a mistake. And if you want to bring up numbers lets look at these. Microsoft has all of it's divisions making an annual profit except D&E. And that division has 9 billion a year in R&D holding it down. But even that is changing. Xbox is profitable. Surface is profitable. Halolens will bring in enough industrial money to make it profitable(just things like Jurassic park safaris and Night at the Museum exhibits alone could be huge money makers. Which the VR platforms can't handle since they render you blind).

So I choose to trust the company with a bunch of profitable divisions over the company with one.

XBLSkull1253d ago

I got two Xbox One's hooked up to two TV's in my house that get used daily, and a PlayStation 4 that has been sitting in it's box since I beat Last of Us Remastered. Xbox has won in my household.

PrinterMan1253d ago

Beware, not always. Unfair competition can also create monopolies. Sometimes companies make it very difficult or impossible for others to compete even though they may have a better product. Sometimes companies do not play fair or have many more resources and put the competition out of business. Healthy competition is good...unfair practice is not. I remember many times MS being charged and sued for unfair practice so perhaps lets not all go Yipee!

Why o why1253d ago

Ms being behind is better for their fans. Ms grew complacent last gen. Drip fed exclusives to their customers. They believed their job was done so made zero strides to develop games or studios. People took note. Them being behind has kept them on their toes.

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Muzikguy1253d ago

I don't believe your story and doubt anyone else does either. Why would you have 3 systems and not play the better (IMO) one for over one year? You spend almost $2000 on consoles in one year, just to not play? Ok, makes no sense at all. I never turn my PS4 off, when I have time to play it. There's so many great games to play

rainslacker1253d ago


I visit tech forums too. Ones with developers talking the trade. Closed forums not available to the public because they talk trade secrets under heavy NDA. People like DX12, and honestly, so do I. That doesn't translate to liking the X1 hardware better than the PS4. The PS4 is a much simpler set up, and doesn't require special programming to utilize chips to overcome what the PS4 does out of the box. I don't know how much it can be stressed that the PS4 is set up to be as easy as possible to program for no matter how you want to utilize system resources. It is quite literally Sony's most flexible console design in terms or implementation, and they threw a lot of power into the back end to allow for simply brute forcing through complex code if necessary.

I work with DX12 and I really love it. Not sure if I'll be working with OGLN in the future yet, but I really hope so because it looks good as well. What we work on though isn't for console use though, so I can't make a professional determination on which one I like better, but from the ones that do work with consoles, they seem to like the PS4's set up better, but with DX12 it makes the X1 easier to utilize...which is really a good thing for the developer and eventually the gamers.

Also, cloud is still rather limited on what it can provide to the consoles. You and I have had that discussion before, and nothing has changed in the last year on this front. Technically speaking though, the cloud is a resource, and any API would use it as such, because that's what it is.

Anyhow, it won't take a miracle to catch up. MS would just have to overtake Sony sales worldwide either in peaks or sustained throughout the year. No matter how you work it, it's not a miracle, just unlikely to happen since MS has never outsold Sony worldwide except when they were the only next gen on the market with the year head start on 360. The longer it takes MS to achieve this, the more they would have to sell over Sony to "catch up".

More importantly though, MS doesn't have to "catch up". They would be very well off to have strong sales throughout the generation, and end it with very high morale and support of it's fan base. that would be more important than beating out Sony in sales.

Kumomeme1253d ago

well for 360,there a lot of reason...the ps3 itself release late and there are tons of issues regarding the console like price and hardware,development issues and others

for this gen,itseems its completely different with 360 take benefit alot from sony mistake before and now sony seems learn a lot from the past gens mistakes...almost no issues regarding ps4 and had lower price launch compared to ps3..

and this gen itseems microsoft turns to screw up...with lower specs,screw up at E3 reveal with those high prices than ps4,those controvery DRM and the console serve more as entertaiment tools than a fully gaming device like ps4...some of tv's features are not available to lot of places too....if i not mistaken,even microsoft,the xbox division itself acknowledge the mistake of making console for 'US' and mistaken for treating a Europe as a country not as region consist lot of country...

for wii u,what i know lack of devs support,communication issues and slow devs kit during development of first wave launch game together with bad timing with launch of ps4 and xbox one is one of reason lot of third parties pulling their legs

MysticStrummer1253d ago

Even the people who agreed with XBLSkull don't believe him.

OT - Of course they want to win, just like any other company in the world. Pachter strikes again.

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medman1253d ago

I don't understand the headline...what, exactly, do they want to win? They won the U.S. last gen with the 360, but are currently behind the ps3 in global sales. They are currently losing in the U.S. and globally with xbone vs. are they saying they want to win the U.S. and that is their focus? There is no way they're going to win globally, so.......

XB1_PS41253d ago

Just because there is no way to win, doesn't mean you don't desperately want to win.

Baka-akaB1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Yeah the headline makes no sense . If it was even true , for starters they'd have dump enough money to make sure the console launch in japan had attractive and popular enough games ... among other things

LexHazard791253d ago

Well I can say there are not winning this gen. But doesnt mean they can't win in a few territories where its close. I usually look at two markets for Xbox anyway. That being UK and NA.

BigDuo1253d ago

I think they want to primarily win consumer perception of Xbox brand being more valuable than the PlayStation brand amongst the hardcore gamer audience.

I agree that Microsoft is not likely going to win, but Phil's just expressing what he would like to accomplish even though it does not seem feasible.

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Dlacy13g1253d ago ShowReplies(5)
MastaMold1253d ago

People that talk about we need competition have not been gaming for very long because the NES had no competition, PS1 had no competition, PS2 had no competition and those consoles were successful and beloved so all these competition is needed is pure B.S.

lodossrage1253d ago

I agree. And that's what I've been telling people for a long time.

When the PS1 and PS2 were dominant, we got all sorts of great games both mainstream and nice. Sony always had open policies toward developers from the very start (which is what made Nintendo eventually drop the "nintendo seal of approval").

In truth, the industry didn't start going south until Microsoft got a voice in it. For example, how many studios did we here of closing down in the PS1 and PS2 eras?

Jayszen1253d ago

I think you will find that the PS1 did have competition - Nintendo and Sega (Saturn and then Dreamcast), and PS2 also had Nintendo and then Xbox as competitors but they were so far behind it felt as though there was little competition. The last gen was the first time Sony was really challenged with the 1 year headstart Xbox 360 had and then the poor launch of the PS3 (high-priced due to blu-ray drive) but despite this, eventually Sony went into the lead albeit by a small margin.

The fact is that the PS4 is better than the Xbone and PSN is a better service then Xbox Live because of the mauling Sony got last gen which taught them never to take gamers for granted, a lesson the Xbox brand has been learning since May 2013 after the very poor introduction to the Xbone One and the punitive DRM fiasco. As gamers we should support whoever gives us the best 'gaming' experience be it resolution, gameplay, visuals or innovation. At the moment Sony is ticking all the right boxes and has a very powerful ace available to it (Morpheus) provided it does not botch the launch. BUT we also need Microsoft to challenge Sony and for Sony to keep raising the bar. This is a good time for us gamers as a whole regardless of whether we are PC, Xbone or PS4 supporters.

Haru1253d ago

I agree, I wish Microsoft never made a gaming console because they ruined everything, gaming was more fun back in the days when microsoft was just making windows

bleedsoe9mm1253d ago

its like people are disagreeing the sky is blue

Profchaos1253d ago

It can be aqua and rose and red at times wanna fight about it.

LackTrue4K1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )


They went with short term with that weak hardware on day one...

They focus too much on the camera. And they dropped it (short term move right there)
And now are scrambling for crumbs, but there is a bright side to this. Better/more focus on making there games that much better.

WildArmed1253d ago

PS4 and Xbox One has seen some really great deals over the past months.

Now only if Wii U would play the game so I can get one for cheap XD

joab7771253d ago

I agree but I don't believe them. If winning mattered so much, why did they take their foot off the gas last gen, when they had the clear advantage for so long. And then why, why, did we get the xbone that we did?

Maybe winning matters, but I'd love to know their definition. Don't get me wrong, MS is doing good things recently, but they never had to fall behind in the 1st place.

kstap331253d ago ShowReplies(1)
texore1253d ago

PS2 era wasn't too bad.

kraenk121253d ago

Microsoft really seems to be out of touch with reality. Typical american cocky behaviour. They only had a chance last gen because Sony made a huge mistake in launching the PS3 a year late and more expensive. If MS really is in for the win prepare for a 199,- XBox One before Xmas.

Muzikguy1253d ago

Sounds like a flamebait article from one of the most reputable sites on the internets....

So numbers don't matter when MS is "winning" but they matter when they're behind? Also what is "winning" anyway? They're not making profit when they're giving consoles away, or with all the discounts and losing money in the process. That's not winning at all. I know it says about turning a profit, but nobody is in business to lose money.

Joda1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

yep. Look at all the sony trolls below. lol. The very thought of someone challenging their beloved console gives them heartburn. I liked ps3 they were in 3rd place and had alot of exclusives. Now i like x1 for the same reason: MOTIVATED. Top dogs always get lazy. Look at the ps4 lineup...2016 for uncharted 4?? other than Infamous and the last of us I'm twiddling my thumbs over here.

sony's ps4 strategy is doing the old xb360 don mattrick/phil harrison strategy: minimal exclusives and charge for online multiplayer.

One thing to note though is that psn is a discounted independent game service with a basic online experience, and xbl is a more robust online service with less freebies. It is a matter of preference but I prefer xbox this gen because Phil Spencer is an ex sony man & he knows alot of games will attract the hardcore gamers, he is professional, he doesn't bash the competition like mattrick, phil harrison which came off pety. He even congradulated on last of us sales and ps4 sales. He even owns a ps4. Thats what every company needs imagine Kaz Hiri playing a xbox or a nintendo product, or reggy playing ps4 or xbox. Competition doesn't have to be nasty, all 3 can coexist.

ThanatosDMC1253d ago

Your troll comment was terrible. PS4 has more exclusive games... heck, games in general than the Xbone. Check listwars website.

Also, Phil Harrison doesnt bad mouth. It was usually dbag Nelson and loudmouth Greenberg doing the bad mouthing.

Profchaos1253d ago

More and more I think exclusive games only appeal to the hardcore that have already picked a side halo and gears fans would naturally buy a x1 and infamous and uncharted fans buy a ps4.

More and more it just bbecomes ridicules to analyse why when we see a game like gta or cod being released sales spike accross the board because that's what the casual gamers buy into and they are the deciding factor.

The gamer that owns a single console and 10 games were maybe 1 is a exclusiveand the rest are muktiplats like cod gta and Fifa. Those guys decide a generation because they only buy one consoles.

Us hardcore console gamers pretty much always buy 3 or at least two sony and ms we don't decide anything besides who gets the jump first.

showtimefolks1253d ago

competition is awesome just look at blackfriday game deals. Consoles were being offered with 3 or more games. So keep it up sony vs ms vs nintendo

end of the day we as gamers win

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DarkOcelet1253d ago

Sorry MS, but you will never become NO.1 this gen. This belongs to Sony and PS4. You should accept that.

"if you look at, you know, DDR3 versus GDDR5 RAM, as if anyone is really taking advantage of all of that, I suppose maybe there’s some marginal difference in quality, but it’s marginal.”

3rd party might not take that advantage but 1st party games will show you the difference. And in the end tbh, its the exclusive games and the variety of genres that attracts a person to the console. And Sony always have a huge variety when it comes to their games.

MS should seriously have more RPG games in general.

MegaRay1253d ago

Not only that. MS and Nintendo focus in some countries (US UK, some Eu and japan). Sony support them all.

mhunterjr1253d ago

Surely, they will never be #1 this gen... But the correct attitude to have is "play until the buzzer blows"

If they play to win, even if they lose, their customers win, and the industry wins thanks to competition.

WickedLester1253d ago

Best post of this entire thread! Bubbles for you!

rainslacker1253d ago

Too true. Building brand confidence this gen will pay off big next gen. I believe that is one of the reasons Sony is doing so well this gen, because of the way they handled the last few years of last gen.

OTOH, it could also mean MS will push the next gen sooner instead of letting the X1 reach it's prime, which would not really be that advantageous to the general market.

LamerTamer1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

Customers won't always win. What if MS gets fed up with losing ground and just starts buying up games and makes them all Xbox exclusives? They DO have the money to do that.

Xbox fanboys would love to make games exclusive and keep big games like COD, Fallout, Elder scrolls, Titanfall etc. away from Sony to win forum wars and make themselves feel better about their console choice.

I don't think anyone else would think all customers win, because then only MS customers win.

ManiacMansion1253d ago ShowReplies(7)
styferion1253d ago

Prioritizing multiplayer games also didn't help expanding their market. People outside US/UK where XBL friends are far and few between won't buy your console for multiplayer game no matter how great it is, MS.

Also that 'all-in-one' feature? Yeah most of them don't work in many countries.

You can't expect to sell big outside US/UK like that, MS.

Sm00thop1253d ago


You're making out Sony have delivered the best games ever on PS4, MS have trampled them when it comes to variety and quality with their games so far. PS4 has problems of its own and that ain't got nothing like Direct X12 coming which will help alleviate the problems developers are facing with the console CPU's. You're right though the exclusives will be the difference, Xbox have plenty big hitters coming this year and the next.

DarkOcelet1253d ago

And how many of them are RPG games? Look, the problem with MS is that they concentrate on the most popular genre and leave the rest.

And PS4 have plenty of big hitters coming this year and the next. So its great for both parties. But one party only has JRPG games and thats really a big thing for me and many gamers out there.

LexHazard791253d ago

@Dark Ocelot, you make it seem as tho JRPG would make a difference. Just because Xbox doesnt cater to Jrpg crowd doesnt mean its fans dont like the genre.
RPGs do quite well on Xbox, just not the Japanese ones...sad but true.

LexHazard791253d ago


Like I said, Xbox fans like Western RPGs more than Jrpg, I happen to be a fan of both.

Btw- Mass Effect, Elderscrolls, Fallout, Dragon Age, The Witcher, etc. Just some of the RPGs that have done well on Xbox.....

joeorc1253d ago

You are talking so much crap:

"PS4 has problems of its own and that ain't got nothing like Direct X12 coming which will help alleviate the problems developers are facing with the console CPU's."

MICROSOFT, THE MEDIA, AND Mr. MediaX talk about how great DirectX 12 is and that try to make it out like Sony does not have any counter to DirectX 12.


Sony, Valve, Apple and Samsung ETC..let Vulkan and Software do the freaking Taking.

Sony's PS4 does not have anything to counter DirectX 12?
well Vulkan Api has a few things to show off, and you will see how wrong you and others really are About the PS4 !!

death_gun1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

ya man ikr? DX12 gonna be amazing combined with the magic power of cloud which gives ur xbone power from clouds in the sky also don't forget bout the hidden super power gpu in the power brick oh boi all that power cant wait /s btw that's how you guys sound when you talk about dx12 lol

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Jazz41081253d ago

Micro could easily cut this gen short and go with a pc lifecycle of three years and put out an Xbox two with killer hardware. It's really up to them as they can do whatever they want to win.

Christopher1253d ago

Researching, mastering, and mass producing new hardware of that size on a 3-year cycle won't do well, IMHO. People will then just buy a PC and upgrade it.

Furthermore, it will require more work on developers who will have a ton of overlapping development cycles between supporting XBO and now XB2 in addition to PS4.

It's not a very good idea, IMHO. If that were the case, they should just refocus purely on PC development and promotion with paid-for services equivalent to XBL and get rid of consoles all together.

kstap331253d ago

MS has enough WRPGs... and JRPG's are terrible.

Muzikguy1253d ago

People that keep discrediting the PS4's games are really not paying much attention IMO. Haven't we seen trends where MS games are given higher marks and better reviews? Things where one game released on a Sony console gets marked down for some reason but on Xbox it doesn't? (Talking exclusives here) I've seen that numerous times over the last 3 generations. All the games that have released on the PS4 exclusively and I've been able to play have been great games. The reviews won't show that, but they have been. I really want to get DriveClub as I'm sure that's an amazing game as well. The Order is on my list too. Bloodborne I'm getting Day1. So we have a bunch of exclusives that got mediocre reviews but aren't mediocre at all. KZSF is a good game, InfamousSS is a good game...

My point is people have poor reasons to justify the "bad" exclusives that Sony has. Well, I'm not a fan of Halo and didn't like Forza when I played it. Other exclusives that were supposed to sell systems haven't (screamride) There's just plenty more for me to choose from on Sony's machine. Different genres too! JRPGs are very welcome also

Profchaos1253d ago

I'll buy both eventually but yeah pretty much the hardware is weaker the idea ms has was utilise the cloud but that tech is a good 10 years off still

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kayoss1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

If they came into this gen with that mindset where winning is greater than short term profits. They should have priced the Xbox One below their initial price point. This is where I have problems with what Microsoft says. Some of the stuff they tell the gamers contradict their actions.
- Winning is bigger than profits but let set Price at $499
- Indie is very important to us but let set a clause to make it difficult for indie developers
- We are focused on the gamers but lets make the xbox one an all around "entertainment" system.
- We want gamers to have option, but lets force feed the Kinect to the gamers.

I know, i've been a advocate of Sony and its Playstation brand. but I agree with TheFro, competition is good for gamers in general. It forces the other guy to up their effort in making a system better. It seems like Microsoft didnt learn for Sony mistakes with the PS3.

ChrisChambers1253d ago

You have to take into account the change in leadership though. Spencer and Nadella seem to have a vastly different vision for gaming and the company as a whole compared to Mattrick and Ballmer.

I have faith that they'll right the ship in the long run. I personally don't care who wins any gen, I just want the people in charge to be passionate about what they're doing because the end result is good for everyone

kayoss1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

I totally agree with you. As a Sony fan. I do want Xbox one to do well too. Because Sony got cocky during the PS2 era. They brought that cockiness to the PS3 and as we all know, it didnt turn out too well for them. But they were able to turn it around. to insure that these companies remain humble, innovative, and stay focused, we need Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft to do well.

LamerTamer1253d ago (Edited 1253d ago )

"It forces the other guy to up their effort in making a system better."

Or it just forces the other guy to start buying up third party exclusives and moneyhatting studios. That is where I see MS going. Microsoft has basically unlimited money. What would happen if they made Fallout 4 an Xbox/PC exclusive? What if they made FIFA an xbox/pc exclusive and killed the PS4 in Europe? They COULD do that you know. Then all of a sudden competition wouldn't be so good for ALL gamers.

PhucSeeker1252d ago

Agree! Last time Ps2 was a success then Sony became lazy with the Ps3 but then picked it up along the way. M$ had a great start with X360 and became lazy in the middle of the road. Now with Ps4 in the lead, it'll be nice to see what M$ can come up with.
Competition is great for the industry, indeed.

kayoss1252d ago

Actually, I'm looking forward to HoloLens. It looks more innovative than the Morpheus VR. I just hope Microsoft knows how to implement it and use it correctly.