Battlefield Hardline: we play the prologue and first mission

You've not seen much of the Battlefield Hardline campaign, so let’s rectify that by playing the first mission.

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Crazyglues1194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

Wait a Battlefield game with a good Single player Mode, Wow who would have thought that would be possible, actually looks pretty good...

Love that car chase, nice intro to the game.. So far I'm not mad at it.. (this could be the biggest selling Battlefield of all time) As long as they kept the shooting mechanics from the 2nd beta..

*Mark My Words*
I think this one is going to do numbers.. -Biggest Selling Battlefield game-

It Looks like Visceral Games actually put a lot of work into the game..

Hercules1891193d ago

Bad Company had a good singleplayer. For some reason all the numbered ones are terrible, while all the spinoffs are for some reason really great.

SolidGear31193d ago

It is Visceral after all so I never doubted them.

bmwfanatic1193d ago

Is it bad that im more interested in the single player than the multiplayer?