Everything you need to know about PlayStation Vue

PSU takes a look at all the details about Sony's new pay-TV service, which launches in a couple of weeks.

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theindiearmy1226d ago

Everything you need to know.

Oh right, except the price.

thejigisup1226d ago

Its that one thing that i came to the article for....

UKmilitia1219d ago

whats this gonna have that people cant get through there cable providors?
in UK i pay £55 for
152mb unlimited fibre BB
230+ tv channels with tivo,netflix and spotify
sports,movie channels
talk evenings and weekends.

why would i pay extra to watch stuff already provided and im 1 of millions in uk in same situation or with hte rival SKY TV.

MonsterChef1219d ago

I believe this is targeted more towards the US market, I pay $135 for TV and internet on a package that originally started at $70 a month. I've been looking into cutting the cord because I don't see the value of having a lot of channels that show reality TV so a more a la carte approach is definitely welcomed

theindiearmy1218d ago

@UKmilitia Couldn't tell you where the value is. I get 70+ channels here in the US for $40 a month. My DVR can save shows for well beyond 28 days. I can go back 7 days to watch most major shows I missed, not just 3 days (and that's really only if I forget to DVR them). My cable company has apps that let me watch on my iOS and Android devices.

I'm not sure what the advantage to using Vue would be.

solidsnake2221226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Chicago and Philadelphia are States!?

And I don't know if I would call Playstation vue a primary rival to Netflix. We're talking about a sling TV rival. More of a slightly cheaper cable service with a dvr than a $7.99 movie service. If people try to compare this to Netflix, I'm sure it'll be found way too overpriced.