Two Free Maps Coming To Evolve On Xbox One First

Two new free maps, Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry, are heading to Evolve soon.

The two maps take place below the planet's surface in a collection of mining caves. Both maps will be free and will be available first on Xbox One on March 31. On April 30, Broken Hill Mine and Broken Hill Foundry will be made available for the PC and PlayStation 4 versions of Evolve.

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crusf1200d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

Free now that's surprising guess all that DLC is only worth 2 free maps.
Edit:Whoops I didn't do my research. Time for the disagrees XD

STK0261199d ago

The developer announced a while ago that all maps would be free.

Elit3Nick1199d ago

It's hilarious how much of a vendetta the people here have against Turtle Rock, if they bothered to look in the forums they would see just how close they are with the community

Link2DaFutcha1199d ago

The only things that are costing money for DLC are silly aesthetic things (weapon skins etc.), at least at this point. For all the crap people give them you'd think that the DLC gave some kind of advantage.

Future Monsters make sense as DLC as they add a new characters, if you don't want it don't buy it. My guess is Crusf hasn't played the game, just likes to whine.

KionicWarlord2221199d ago

I dont get why people have problem with the optional dlc skins when you get free maps and game modes.

Good to see the devs keeping there promise.

midnightambler1199d ago

Way to screw over PC and PS4 owners. This game just screams cash grab to me.

Link2DaFutcha1199d ago

It's a month to wait for free maps, as a ps4 owner I'm not too worried about it, plenty of games have timed exclusives, who cares. It's a free DLC, how is that a cash grab?

All maps and game modes will be free in the future, the only thing people can pay more for at this point are aesthetic changes in weapons and monsters. Like Crusf, my guess is you haven't played the game.

midnightambler1199d ago

I played enough of the alpha and beta to see what the game's all about.

Full retail price, ridiculous collectors editions with cosmetic dlc and characters, no single-player worth writing home about, repetitive multiplayer, and a season pass with content that could've easily been included in the main game.

Cash grab.

Dudebro901199d ago

You have no idea what a cash grab is.

Link2DaFutcha1199d ago

Midnightambler, playing an alpha and a beta gave you a taste of the full game, I played those as well, but the final product is quite different. The fact that you see fit to criticize free dlc on a game that you don't have proves that you are just here to complain about something that has zero bearing on you and thus have no way to contribute to a meaningful conversation.

A cash grab is something like Destiny (which I still enjoy, but that's a different discussion) which has shallow content that charges to add to it, they are giving away content which expands the game, none of this is bad.

forcefullpower1199d ago

The game is a cash grab from the start. Most of my friends are sending it back to shopto as we find dying light much more fun.

Elit3Nick1199d ago

I think it's fairly obvious from these maps that they're releasing the Behemoth very soon, these tunnel heavy maps make it perfect for the behemoth to block the hunters with his rock wall ability. I'm stocked to fight against it, since it'll offer combat more like the goliath and kraken than the tedious goose chase that is the wraith.