Spencer: Bringing More Of The Right Genres To PC Is Clearly In Our Future

Phil Spencer confirms once again that Microsoft is committed to bring more games of the "right genres" to PC in the future.

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ccgr1104d ago

PC gaming is where it's at!

kaiserfranz1104d ago

PC gaming was, is and will always be supreme.

starchild1104d ago

More games is always a good thing.

odderz1104d ago

The right genres? That's all of them!

vlashyr1104d ago

Damn right you are! Good to finally see MS with serious intention for PC gamers.

Now I want Halo: MCC, Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2 as a show of good faith.

--bienio--1104d ago

Dont foreget Quentum Berak;)

RiseofScorpio1104d ago

The same day you get Project Titan is the same day you'll get those.

Somebody1104d ago

it’s the company’s intention to bring more games “of the right genres”

F2Ps, micro-transacntion heavy online games and MMOs. That's what the genres he's talking about. MS only see the PC as a quick, never ending cash cow if it's focused on certain genres.

He's avoiding confirming AAA XBO games coming to the PC except through streaming while telling us that the PC is only suitable to play certain genres under their new initiative.

1104d ago
payikick1104d ago

Killer Instinct please!!!

SteamPowered1104d ago

I think he means the Halo franchise won't make the jump.

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The story is too old to be commented.