Toad Amiibo Unlocks No Hidden Smash Bros Data

Using a Japanese Toad amiibo, it's sadly confirmed that the Toad amiibo does not unlock Toad in Smash bros or have any other hidden secrets. It may hint, however, that Nintendo is using Toad to test the waters for future, non-Smash amiibo, which have recently been rumored to be Splatoon squid kids.

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MilkMan1138d ago

I don't know, i like the Amiibos as a collectible (I guess) but Im not sold on what they bring to the table. This idea needs more time to cook.

3-4-51138d ago

uhhh Toads not in Smash so it wouldn't work.

That is like me putting my Jeep keys into a Ford Taurus and wondering " Why isn't this working ?!! "

Laguna_Levine1138d ago

True, but this is more like, you're at a Jeep factory, and there's a Ford Taurus, and you have a Jeep skeleton key. You're gonna want to try it because it's clearly out of place.

Nintendo does easter eggs all the time. It's why people are always trying to hack their content or get a hold of leaks.

Since Japan and NA are on the same version of Smash and MK8, I figured, getting the Toad amiibo would let me see if there were any such easter eggs unlocked by the figure. Sadly no, but the message I received specifically fro Smash helps show that Toad being an outlier isn't planned on being a one time thing (if so, it would have said, "Toad is not useable with SSB"). The generic message leaves room for future non-Smash amiibos to be produced if Nintendo feels they sell well enough.