When Does Client Size Become Too Big?

Clipping Error discuss the situations in which they think client size is just too big to be worth it, or so big it affects everything else you try to do.

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ccgr951d ago

When the console is full ;)

totallysane951d ago

Wow not 24 hours after that info was "leaked" someone has their opinion on it. I saw get another HD, shit can't stay small forever

reallyNow951d ago

as long as storage tech keeps up, it will never be a problem.

_-EDMIX-_951d ago (Edited 951d ago )

Agreed. Did they not factor this game is pushing boundaries...?

Sooooo give me next gen experience, but be damned if I need next gen space and hardware?

I bet the same folk questioned why last gen 360 didn't get MGS4, yet still question why MGSV needs a HDD install on the 360....go figure, next gen games, need next gen space....


I agree with that the game's space is 100% justified! One can't ask for a next gen experience, then question the space it takes up.

I don't agree with the notion that Star Citizen "could never be on PS4" LMFAO!

Not only could Star Citizen be on PS4 EASY, you have to factor in what state.

You can't just state based on its will never happen. will take 1/5 of a HDD when installed......but you need to factor that every PS4 has a HDD, ever PS4 has Bluray....its not impossible.

Look at GTAIV to GTAV.

GTA needed more space to have all its amazing features, GTAV having an install allowed GTAV to actually BE A REAL GTA sequel vs a stripped version based on space limitations.

But even with DVD being inferior to Bluray....there was a way.

Now PS4 in no way shape or form is in the same situation that 360 was with DVD, Star Citizen very much has a likeliness of appearing on PS4 and XONE. Your not saying it doesn't have the space, merely that it would take up lots of space....that's not really a damn issue buddy LMFAO!

Also, Roberts has stated he has no problem porting the game, after its done, merely that he didn't want to lesson the game to fit consoles. He is right to. The engine running Star Citizen is a modded CryEngine3, that's base specs are BELOW the PS4 and XONE's performance, ie PS4 and XONE very much can play Star Citizen as they can out perform its minimum specs and I believe we've seen next gen engines that SMOKE Star Citizen.

Mind you...I'm hype for the game, will get it on PC DAY 1, but I'm not ignorant to the fact that their engine is nothing on pair to next gen only engines that are using 3TFLOPS performance on PS4...


Soooo the PS4 is technically 2x the performance of the GPU of the minimum specs of Star Citizen...

Whats so someone who calls themselves "Steampowered" seems to not really understand that any game can be ported to any system.

"Not in its full glory anyways"

Well...most PC gamers currently can't even play it in its um..."full glory" They are recommending a R9 390 on ultra settings....

A GPU that 98% of PC gamers don't own LOL! Thus..MOST who play Star Citizen won't even see this um..."full glory"

But that has nothing to do with never appearing on PS4 or XONE. The game will likely play better on those consoles them what MOST PC gamers will experience based on MOST PC gamers don't have 3.6TFLOP GPU's....

SteamPowered951d ago

Absolutely right. There is a reason why the game is that big. Textures is one thing but the space combat and FPS elements make this almost 2 games in one.
And Ive even heard rumblings of native VR support for Star Citizen. That alone would push the resources needed as you have to add much more detail to VR games and somehow double the image.

Off Topic: Why does the author keep throwing the PS4 out there? "Star Citizen would take up 1/5 the PS4 Hard Drive" It was never, and could never be on PS4 Im afraid. Not in its full glory anyways.

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GortJester951d ago

Good write-up on your *opinion*. As you are still allowed to have one ;)

WizzroSupreme951d ago

Generally, when you don't have any more space.

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