Are You Buying Final Fantasy Type-0 Just To Play The Final Fantasy 15 Demo ?

The Tyuno Project: "As many of you may know, next week Square Enix will release Final Fantasy Type-0 for the Xbox One and PS4. Now I’m a fan of the classic turn-based Final Fantasy games, but I don’t think I haven’t played a Final Fantasy game like Type-0. Now I can’t wait to get my hands on my FF Type-0, but I have to be totally honest. The only reason that I’m buying Final Fantasy Type-0 is to play the demo of Final Fantasy 15 and I know I’m not the only one."

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JJShredder1227d ago

Nope, I am buying Type-O cuz I haven't played a decent JRPG in awhile and this one with the mature setting and real-time combat has appeal to me.

If you are buying this game strictly for the demo, you may need to re-evaluate your purchasing decisions and if you are married, then may the gods have mercy on your soul when they find out.

raWfodog1226d ago

That's me, married with kids :)

There's no way I would spend $60 just to play a demo. In fact, I hardly ever pay full price for a new game as I usually wait a while after its released in order for the price to drop. That's how I justify my video game purchases to the boss :)

I am very interested in playing Type-0 as I've never played it before but always heard good things about it. I was going to wait until the price dropped on this one as well but if I hear more really good things from the average gamers about the demo I might just have to splurge on this one while the demo is still available.

bouzebbal1226d ago

i'm looking forward to Type 0. FFXV doesn't tell me anything but it's also a chance to try it to see if they can buy me back after FF13 disaster.

kayoss1227d ago (Edited 1227d ago )

I'm buying Type-O because i couldnt stand playing it on the PSP and I really wanted to play this game real bad.

I agree with you. Paying for $40 strictly on a demo is not a smart move. If there are people who are willing to do this then they have no rights to complain about the Order 1886 being a 6-8 hour $60 game.

kmeck5181226d ago (Edited 1226d ago )

Type-0 is $60. Which would make it even worse if you are buying it just for the demo.

kayoss1226d ago

Thanks for letting me know. I didnt know that it will retail for $60. Actually that's kind of expensive for a remake of a PSP game. The FFX/FFX-2 remaster came with two games and it only cost $40. How?

NicalaiDaKid1226d ago

I'm buying type-0 for the game and the demo helped me want it more. You can't put the order 1886 and type-o on the same level. Also the order was a good game, it just left me wanting more and should have been downloadable content not the PlayStation store

jambola1227d ago

No, i am getting it day 1 for the demo though

Summons751226d ago

No, I'm getting Type-0 becuase it never came to the west and I really wanted to play it.

Ultr1226d ago

I wish it would come out for psvita... but so I have to get the ps4 version. The demo is just a bonus

kmeck5181226d ago

you could do remote play with the vita.

Ultr1224d ago

yeah but the point of having it on vita is that I can play it on the go, and put it on standby whenever I want and so on.
And I don't have a contract for my phone with wich I could connect my Vita with so I can do all that via remote play :D

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The story is too old to be commented.