Ori and the Blind Forest is getting rave Xbox One reviews, pick it up for just £14.25 today only

Dealspwn reports: "Ori & The Blind Forest may not be the biggest Xbox One exclusives of the year, but it's already one of the best-reviewed games of this generation. It's apparently a magical experience, from its gameplay to allegorical story and mouthwatering art direction, and shows that the Xbox One is doing its best to provide a true breadth of software.

It costs £15.99 on Xbox Live, but you can get a copy for just £14.25 with this daily deal!"

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bggriffiths1200d ago

Nice, love a bit of platforming.

Blues Cowboy1200d ago

Yeah, always nice to play a quality 2D platformer. Brings us back to our roots.

This one looks a bit special, though. 10/10s all over the place. MS really did well locking down the console exclusivity.

bggriffiths1200d ago

Pfft, but you don't have The Last Tinker or Knack. *sobs*