Phil Spencer: "We ignored what was going on with Windows" to launch Xbox

"During his talk, Spencer openly admitted that Microsoft had lost its way when it came to PC gaming, and he's trying to put it back on track. After the presentation, I had a chance to talk for a few minutes about Microsoft's renewed interest in PC gaming and what that means for Windows 10."

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curtis921224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

This guy has single-handedly turned me right around on the xbox brand as a whole. That being said, it's scary to have an entire brand riding on the back of ONE person. Or rather it's scary to only have faith in one person at MS. If he goes, so too will my interest in xbox (again).

wakeNbake1224d ago

He had just as much to do with the initial xbox one vision/reveal as Don Mattrick, difference is, Mattrick was used as a scapegoat, and Spencer was used as a symbol of the 180 they did policy wise.

curtis921224d ago

Or... Mattrick was the suit MS felt would make them money and after that fiasco they genuinely decided to give the guy who was in touch with the real world a shot because even a blind person could see they were DOA.

LexHazard791224d ago

No he didn't. What say did he have in hardware or the vision going forward for Xbox, before being head at Xbox?

KarmaV121223d ago

He was head of the studios, I don't think he had much say in the early visions

Mr-Zex1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

That shouldn't have been the case regardless, Microsoft should have known that their policies on launch would have caused controversy and there would be mass backlash. I honestly think that it's still contributing to people not buying an XBOne atm because they don't trust Microsoft.

What I'm trying to say is they've tarnished that name from the get go, though I can appreciate the effort their going to redeem themselves slowly.

Perjoss1224d ago


And the fact that they have done very little when it comes to PC gaming for years now. People will try and spin it but the fact still remains that gears 2 and 3, halo 3 and 4, and all the forza games never got a pc release. They simply dont care about PC gaming.

GFWL? Erm, thanks. I guess...

Death1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Perhaps Microsoft felt supporting PC would take away from Xbox. I get where they are coming from. Anytime Xbox exclusives are mentioned a legion of Playstation fans claim it's not an exclusive since they can play it on their ultra powerful gaming rig too. It's an idiotic notion and I'm glad to see Microsoft realizes they do indeed have two platforms to support. With Windows 10 on PC, tablet, phone and console the install base increases tremendously.

BlackTar1871224d ago

" I get where they are coming from. Anytime Xbox exclusives are mentioned a legion of Playstation fans claim it's not an exclusive since they can play it on their ultra powerful gaming rig too."

MS heads have never even once used that as part of their thought process or anything close to it.

MS can't be trusted. Sorry they make some cool products like Xbox one and windows etc. but they are by far one of the shadiest companies around and it comes with the territory. You can dislike the MS past they have which is ugly and still enjoy their products. I will get down voted because i said MS is an evil corporation but that's the truth what also is the truth is they make some amazing products.

Death1224d ago


What have they done that is evil in your eyes?

BlackTar1871224d ago

you serious?
Just for Xbox one we got the DRM.

But really i'm not 18yrs old I've been working on computers for about 25+yrs so MS has constantly been in my ear.

It's wiki but the information is true.

Death1224d ago


I know their is a fine line between criticism and "evil", but I'm not sure the links you provided shows how Microsoft has done anything evil. The second link you provided was the anti-trust lawsuit from Microsoft giving internet browsers away for free as part of Windows. Being a little older I am sure you remember paying for Netscape just like I did. I actually stayed with Netscape a few years after Internet Explorer was released for free. I only stopped when I felt Internet Explorer was the better browser. By then Netscape was also free and could be downloaded by anyone.

As for Xbox One, the only issue I have with the initial reveal was the fact you couldn't choose to opt in or out of the game ripping/remote access that required a once in 24 hour connection to Live. My consoles are all online 24/7 and I would have loved to use the original features. I don't cower behind the DRM buzzword since I am aware DRM has always and does still exist in our consoles. When either service goes down we see just how much DRM still exists.

Microsoft is a company and like any company they do draw criticism. If they were a non-profit you might have a point.

Sony isn't immune to "evil" behavior either.

It really depends on what you want to see, doesn't it?

BlackTar1871224d ago


You think i'm saying Sony hasn't done anything wrong?

This doesn't have to turn into a Sony vs MS thing unless you personally go out of your way for it too.

Saying what you said provides me with all i need to understand your intent. Have a good day sir.

Death1224d ago


My "intent" is that neither company is evil. You seem to think Microsoft is evil for reasons that are not exclusive to Microsoft. When you only see these things as "evil" when Microsoft is involved, you look very transparent. I gave you quick examples of another gaming company that has a less than spotless record. If what Microsoft does makes them evil, then by your own standards Sony is also evil. If you want to come on here and say both companies are evil I won't stop you. If you only see one as evil though it is because that is what you want to believe and not something based on truth.

N4g_null1224d ago

If MS wants to do a real 180 they will allow cross platform gaming online. PC doesn't need the games listed... people want real PC games that maximize their hardware not support for 6 year old GPUs.

I\m sort of glad the xbox one failed to do what they wanted it to do and now they have to go back to pc to build up 3rd parties again so that next gen they will have more bungies and epic games to make games for them. They are looking really dry this gen.

BlackTar1871224d ago

Death this article is about MS i only ever mentioned MS . WHy you feel the need to turn this into MS vs Sony is beyond me and speaks to your agenda.

So i can only talk about MS being evil if i say Sony is evil too? To appease you?

I have no the faintest idea why you think this had to be turned into a sony vs ms thing i mean really why must one mention the other when it's not relevant to the topic? Stop with the you're okay with talking about one as long as both are talked about to make you happy. Whats very transparent is you and your need to shoehorn some other company into the discussion for no reason when the thread of comments you're replying to has no one mention Sony except you.

Sorry if that is harsh but the truth is you're trying way to hard to spread blame when it's not called for.

Death1224d ago


Once again, I don't think either company is evil. It would only be a VS thing if you felt one was and not the other. I'm pretty sure after reading the story it was "pro" Microsoft. You are the one coming into it and making claims the company is evil and can't be trusted. I'm fairly certain that wasn't part of the text I read.

You came here trolling a positive Xbox article. I'm not the n4g police and don't care. I was just curious how you came up with your conclusion. Having spent some time on the Microsoft campus in Seattle and meeting some of the people working there I can't say I picked up on anything exorcist worthy. A lot of people stepping on one another to climb the corporate ladder, but that's pretty much any larger companies employees favorite recreational sport.

rainslacker1223d ago

I disliked the policies, but what amazes me more is how completely unprepared they were for the backlash. Their PR plan for getting people on board was abysmal. Given the months of hate about the idea beforehand, there is really no excuse for it.

They were within their right to put the policies in regardless of what any of us think, but they should have at least had the business sense to not be so condescending and ego-maniacal about their own position in the console marketplace.

I like where MS is headed, and I think Phil had something to do with it, but even now, Phil isn't calling all the shots, he has to work among board members and get everything approved through them, and MS will always look out for it's best interest. I like what Phil is pushing, but it's a bit much to say that MS isn't also just allowing him to be some sort of savior for people to look up to as a symbol of change for the Xbox brand.

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hasamalaha1224d ago

Sorry, but I simply don't get this Phil Spencer savior talk concerning the Xbox.

His reversal of certain things (DRM, forced Kinect) were no brainers after the backlash they received. You really can't call him a genius for that.

What exactly has he done for Xbox other than that?

A timed Tomb Raider exclusive?
Massive discount during holiday?

At this point, they are still getting trounced nearly 2-to-1 worldwide.

DX12 is not his either, that was already long in the works.

Death1224d ago

You are correct. DirectX12 has been in the works very long like Windows 10 and the Xbox One. The fact that they will all work together is a testament to that fact.

I see you are one of those that believe DRM doesn't exist today. What do you call it when you install a game to the consoles HDD and it won't play without a disc? What do you say when PSN or Live goes down and you can't play a game? It's all DRM. What you feared was the DRM that allowed games to be ripped to your HDD while still accessing them without traditional disc based verification. This DRM also allowed you access to your entire game library remotely. It also allowed game sharing without passing along a physical disc. Yeah, that's some pretty scary stuff. Glad ignorance prevailed.

hasamalaha1224d ago

Care to point out where I said DRM didn't exist? Sorry, but I didn't. I just said they reversed some policies, which is true.

There were 2 major DRM policies that MS planned to implement, that they backed off on. These were 2 of the major things people blasted them for.

1) 24 hour checkiin. If your Xbone couldn't "check-in" every 24 hours, you could not play any games.
2) Used Games - They were going to force you to charge a fee to sell a used game.

So, yes that is some pretty scary stuff.

TheCommentator1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

They weren't forcing any charges for used games. They initially stated that they themselves would not utilize it, but would allow for these charges to be a part of DRM if 3rd party devs wanted to utilize the feature. If you gave a disc to your friend, however, the system would have given the option for your friend to pay for and own a digital only copy of the game without the need to buy it from the marketplace. The game would have still played from the disc on any machine it was put into, with no charge, since the disc is required to play the install from the HDD.

Go back and watch the press release and you'll see that this concept was described but was too complicated to be understood, and it was the media who blew things out of proportion. Hell, I managed a Gamestop at the time and they got a corporate memo clarifying this just after the media blew it up.

It was still a stupid policy to have an OPTION to charge a fee (That's why Gamestop was pissed off) and I'm glad it changed, but we did lose some cool stuff with the transition too.

Macdaddy711224d ago

One he's not going any place, ms has gave him not only the cart the horse also,.. This man got his shit together, MS will be a hard company to beat in the next couple years,.. I love my xbox tons more then my ps4... Please I support MS 100% for the reason they are a born n made great USA company,.. That's very important should be to everyone,.. I play the 4 for games that never will come to Xbox cause I am a gamer,.. But 97% of my money goes to MS..... USA baby

LexHazard791224d ago

I commend your Patriotism.

BlackTar1871224d ago

Maybe American company MS should do better at consumer friendlyness. Sorry i'm American and just cause they are american doesn't mean you should support them just cause. That's stupid.

The_Sage1224d ago


Phil Spenser is leaving Microsoft. It has not been made official yet, but neither Phil, or anyone at Microsoft has denied the rumor. Phil said that he can not comment.

Death1224d ago

Shoot us a link or two please.

The_Sage1224d ago


I heard about this during the GDC.

Maybe he's going to Nintendo. Lol. That would complete the big 3.

hasamalaha1224d ago

Sage, that is a different Phil....

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uth111224d ago

Windows sales are down as tablets, smartphones, macbooks, chromebooks have cut into PC sales. In spite of the PC slump, PC gaming remains strong, I think that's the real reason MS has rediscovered PC gaming

Ark_1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

They rediscovered it, because Valve (SteamOS) is threatening their monopoly as PC-gaming-platform. It's a preventive strike before things get out of hand. DX12 ... same. A reaction to mantle.

I am happy that they are forced to make some effort. Can only be good for all of us.

uth111224d ago

oh yeah, I'm sure SteamOS plays a big part too.

Moldiver1223d ago

"PC gaming remains strong, I think that's the real reason MS has rediscovered PC gaming"

Its not just PC gaming. I work in music production and sound design and you use one of two platforms. Mac or windows. And windows has the wider variety of professional productivity apps for music and video/film production. also windows is used in pretty much every business. As long as the desktops lives (and it always will..just for gamers and creative/business professionals), there will always be windows. For the record I use pro tools (google it) on windows 8. I have also done work for warner brothers and labels under sony's music group umbrella. And MANY people in my profession use windows.

Steam OS is only good for gaming which is why it will never be in a professional working environment. linux puts itself out of the equation because nobody makes creative or business suites for it. Plus windows has all that industry standard legacy software.

uth111223d ago

never say never- my company replaced all the desktops with macs last year. First time I've ever seen it. Nobody there even wants a Windows PC anymore.

Windows is already getting its but kicked by linux in server environments, on smart phones & tablets (android) and set-top boxes.

If SteamOS were to gain traction, that would be yet another area that Windows would feel the heat from Linux.

Moldiver1223d ago

"never say never- my company replaced all the desktops with macs last year. First time I've ever seen it. Nobody there even wants a Windows PC anymore."

First I ever heard of a company doing that...who do you work for? because last time I checked apple are no longer in the enterprise and server business. So that would make your work place the only company running their business on OSX.....

"Windows is already getting its but kicked by linux in server environments" it isnt. This much I know to be a FACT.

"on smart phones & tablets (android)"

They were late to that party to begin with.I say that as a samsung galaxy S5 owner.

"and set-top boxes."

huh?...MS dont do set top boxes though.....

"If SteamOS were to gain traction, that would be yet another area that Windows would feel the heat from Linux."

Not gonna happen. linux and steam OS have nothing on windows in the professional/productivity/crea tivity departments. Musicians will never use steam OS or linux because DAW manufactures wont support linux, much less steam OS. I am talking about professionals here,musicians, sound engineers, video and content creators not gamers with the hump over windows. linux/steam offers NOTHING to creative profeesionals and never will. I dont see avid (pro tools), stienberg (cubase) or propellerheads software(reason) or any other creativity programs going to linux. No native ASIO support (which was designed for windows in the first place) They simply dont care for it, and most people inmy profession have never even heard of linux. I know about it because I have two friends that worked at HP for years.

We can debate xbox success all day, but one thing I know for sure is MS/windows strength in business and creative /productivity software support, is untouchable by all but apple, and even their computers are starting to fall out of favour with musicians, sound engineers and videographers/directors,since that new mac pro came out. I would NEVER run a half a million pound recording studio on linux or steam OS. And I dont know anybody crazy or stupid enough to do so. That would be suicide in the industry I work in.

chasegarcia1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

Linux gaming gained more support than usual these past few years because they ignored Windows.

nickster1224d ago

I got to be honest, I feel like Phil Spencer is shying away from xbox and seems to take more pride in pc latly. I noticed he likes to talk about pc than xbox in the last2 month's or so, anybody notice that to?

WizzroSupreme1224d ago

I admire Phil Spencer's honesty. It's a refreshing change from the Mattrick double-talk.

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