Dark Souls 2:Scholar Of The First Sin X1 and PS3 File Size Revealed; Almost 50% Larger on Next-Gen

With the upcoming release of From Software's Bloodborne for the PS4 some might forget that From Software's will be releasing another Souls title in less than a month.

The Japanese PS Store and Xbox Marketplace reveal the PS3 and Xbox One file sizes for Scholar of the First Sin and as it turns out the next-gen version is almost 50% bigger on Xbox One but rather small nonetheless.


Math mistake: Next-gen version is almost 100% bigger

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DarkOcelet1228d ago

Thats less than 2 dvd X360 discs. Thats not bad at all. Superb.

BartMoons1228d ago

Did expect a larger size due to the visual upgrade and additional content. Good newss for digital buyers though :)

stavrami1228d ago

Pretty sure the math is wrong it's 100% bigger

BartMoons1228d ago

Doh, you're so right. Was counting double size as 50%. So dumb but thanks for heads up

Ozmoses1228d ago

if you're talking about xbox one and the "new gen" shouldn't it say PS4 everywhere it says PS3 in the article??

I mean we are talking about the new systems and not the old...

just kind of confused... I'm assuming they are talking about the PS4 but it says Ps3.

BartMoons1228d ago

No Scholar releases on the Xbox 360 and PS3 as well and the file size of the next-gen versions is up to 100% larger than on the PS3 version

Ozmoses1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

regardless of the fact the game is coming on 360/PS3/Xbone/PS4

it only mentions in the article it is coming on PS4... (when referring to the PS4)

when the article goes into the HDD sizes it only says Xbox One and PS3 it doesn't refer to PS4...

but the way the article is written and worded it suggests they are "mainly" refering to the "new gen" so I'm thinking where it says "PS3" it is meant to say "PS4"

edit - (from the article) "The PS3 version clocks in at a meager 6.2GB and the XO version will cost your HDD around 12.2GB of data."

it's just weird that they go from the PS3 version to the XO version in the same sentence..

that's what makes me believe it is just a typo...

after all everyone is excited about playing Dark Souls II on the new systems... we're not excited about buying/playing them again on the old stuff

LoneWanderer091227d ago

Still exited for the PS4 Version, so close to its release.