Destiny DLC Theory: Updates Coming Every Four Months To Keep Revenue Flat Going

Michael Pachter claims Activision and Bungie hope to reach 20 million active players by 2017.

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Eizhale1225d ago

Bungie, you said this was expansive and some more planets for god sake
I love your game and am still playing it but more planets...I have seen everything you have to offer!!!

TimeSkipLuffy1225d ago

They could easily create more maps on each planets. It seems planets are rather small compared to reality. Let us see other parts of earth.

kparks1225d ago

They need to add a serious content dlc the dark below didnt have nearly enough content in it to keep people busy for 5 months. If they wanna keep this thing goin they need to step it up!

kayoss1225d ago

I fear that when the House of Wolves DLC release. I will be grinding again like when the Dark below was released. I finally got to the point where im enjoying the game, instead of grinding for better gears and weapon to survive. I got to the point where I'm completing some of the weekly nightfall solo.

JeffGUNZ1225d ago

The house of wolves will be just like the dark below. The only reason it got pushed back from March to May is timeline. If it's in may, we only wait 4 months till Comet (the huge expansion) as opposed to march, where you'd have to wait 6 months.

DivoJones1225d ago

I think the more entertaining part about his presser is his theory on growing player base. This article is a summary, but there's another where he says every few months he hopes to add 2-3 million players. He seems to believe nobody will stop playing while they add millions.

Clearly he hasn't played his own game or he'd understand why players are leaving in droves.

Baka-akaB1225d ago

Ironically while saying that i've left already the game (other awaited titles are out and well it's getting boring) , but there is no evidence whatsoever of people leaving en masse . If anything there was an influx and people coming back with the dlc

subtenko1225d ago

I stopped playing :( partially because there's other games that give me more to do.

Seraphim1225d ago

No doubt. I absolutely loved this game but the lack of content, map space, in part resulted in me putting this one down the week of Feb 3. 32+ gameplay days between my Warlock, Hunter and Titan, all the weapons, armor... RNG is a kicker too. Between 2 characters over 30 levels with Dead Orbit and not a single shader. Trivial things such as get frustrating...

End of the day this game is an absolute blast to play. The gameplay is solid, Vault was a solid raid, Crota was a glorified strike more than a Raid, the strikes were good but just like missions, bounties, etc there's only so many times you can do the same strikes over and over. eventually in what feels so much like an MMO that lack of area to explore, missions, bounties... This game should had have much more content out the box, a higher level cap and Raids if not present out the box should have been dropping more frequently. We see it all the time. This is a Tuesday and Friday game. Before I quit I seen so many playing once or twice a week, some quitting. What bothers me is that had Destiny been what it could have been I'd easily be playing to this day and continue buying DLC/Expansions. Right now this DLC is too little to sustain this game. No doubt there'll be plenty of gamers who hang onto and continue playing but a very small fraction of what could have been. For a game such as Destiny I'd have happily paid a monthly subscript just to ensure the content was coming regularly and keeping me entertained.

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VVgamer4lifeVV1225d ago

Warframe is such a better game and free to play.

JetsFool35001225d ago

Warframe is a Poor mans destiny

DivoJones1225d ago

Destiny is a rich man's Warframe. Do you actually play either of these games? $20 DLC for 3 missions, a strike, and a raid.

hasamalaha1225d ago (Edited 1225d ago )

Divo you left out many things in your attempt to make it look too expensive.

- Increased level cap
- a 4th mission for the Urn of Sacrifice
- an extra strike exclusive to PS4
- 3 new crucible maps
- new weapons
- new gear
- new sparrow

subtenko1225d ago

Poor mans destiny? What? People just wanna have fun, if they have fun in warframe then good for them

Evil Rant Monkey1225d ago

@fool - It seems as if marketing has warped your fragile little mind.

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JWiLL5521224d ago

20 mil by 2017? They're already at 17 million registered users. I'd be surprised if they don't hit that after the Comet expansion drops this year.