It's official: we're paying more for our games while movies & music get cheaper

Dealspwn reports: "Do you know why we do what we do?

I admit that writing about videogames in my underpants has its own unique allure, but the fact is that cheap games deals are more important than ever. You worked hard for that money, and we're paying more for games than we have done in years. Prices are on the rise and the latest figures prove it."

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WESKER20151108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

have you seen the quality of music and movies these days? Lol, if done correctly video games can be better than movies and video game soundtracks better than music, there is still a future in video games while the music and movie industry is growing stale

all the good actors are dead or dying and the mainstream music scene doesn't like anything with a musical instrument that is played by a human in it, it needs tits, butts and some dj looking like hes having a good time selling the same old junk and waving his hands in the air messing with buttons while people fake dance in the music video

so you are left with regurgitated trash

without games id be dead

Blues Cowboy1108d ago

I agree to some extent, but the fact is that music and movie are also adapting much more fluidly to the new downloadable/streaming competition, and embracing it. Games, meanwhile, are kinda stumbling. Even the best games streaming services are either too pricey or too laggy, while prices are going up, not down, to reflect the lack of packaging etc.

freshslicepizza1108d ago

music has bottomed out in value because of free services like spotify but to buy physical copies on cd the prices have remained pretty much as they were. game prices on the other hand used to cost $50 back in the 80's, tell me again how much it cost to see a movie back then.

opoikl1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

@WESKER You're so right! I have a masters degree in arts (classical piano) and I love ALL music right up until the 80s, when mainstream (led by the industry) started taking over artistry and creativity - shifting focus from instrumental and thematic music towards sampling and image-building.

The same has happened with movies, just like you mentioned. I am currently rewatching all the classics on bluray just because there's so little quality coming out these days. And no, movies like Birdman or Whiplash, while refreshing experiences, don't hold a candle to the great films coming from Kubrick, Hitchcock, Scorsese, Tarkovski, ..

Because gaming only now is starting to come of age, there are still endless possibilities and loads of uncharted territory. It's the only modern media that still holds a promise for better things to come and therefore the only media that still excites me.

Here's to gaming, the last bastion of human collective creativity!

WESKER20151108d ago

well said, check out Nightcrawler with jake gyllenhaal, 2014 movie, its the only film i have watched from start to finish in 2014, and the only modern film i have watched in a long time it is a great movie, great films still exist, just now you have to hunt for them, same with music i guess, dont rely on the mainstream to point you in the direction of great talent :)

very well said comment my friend

traumadisaster1107d ago

Video games don't come close to movies for me, in reaching my feelings and causing me to actually cry and laugh so hard. Movies from all ages too.

Music from all ages can actually move me way more than video games.

Tlos I think is the only game that even comes close. Also telltales game of thrones a little.

chippychan1107d ago

@opoikl, well said. I personally find myself going back to older music because I just don't like some of the new music out there. I don't remember the last time I spent money on music because I just go back to my old library of albums.

I can't be bothered with movies lately either. It's been years since I went to a theatre, the only things I watch are things that look like they *might* be good on Netflix, but it's been a while since my mind was blown by movies or TV.

Hell, I even cancelled my cable lately. Don't need it between video games & the odd Netflix marathon.

opoikl1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

Nightcrawler is indeed one of the finer movies of the past few years and my personal nominee for Best Movie for the Oscars, but just like Moon, those movies are driven by stellar acting performances rather than their scripts. Re-watching those just isn't the same as re-watching The Godfather or Platoon or older classics like 12 Angry Men, Witness for the Prosecution, Vertigo.

Come to think of it, only actors get me excited nowadays, instead of the actual films. BTW, have you seen The American? Rated very low, but great acting, unique pacing and an incredible scenery make this one of the best surprises I had in recent memory.

Seems like we have similar taste :)

opoikl1107d ago (Edited 1107d ago )

@ Traumadisaster

Games that moved me were games with stellar soundtracks and equally as important LIVE music. Journey, TLoU, Heavy Rain, RDR.

I've said this before, but to deaf ears it seemed: music is the one aspect of a game which infuses it with credibility and makes the game world feel rich, deep and tangible. I'm all for arcadey tunes in arcadey games like Super Stardust HD or electronical music in Wipeout or MGS2, but the games that stand out and stand the test of time, are more often than not the ones that are accompanied by brilliant musical compositions performed by orchestras or live combos.

@ Chippychan

Next week they're also coming to take away my digital tv decoder for the very same reason. IMO television had its hayday in the nineties when I was growing up, but flash before substance (reality) made it the cheapest of all entertainment with MTV and E! at the helm.

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bggriffiths1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

Digital console prices still have some serious work to do. Sale items aren't so bad, but at launch they're mental (£70! WTF). As far as boxed prices, I'm happy to wait a month or two and snipe it for about £25.

Blues Cowboy1108d ago

Yeah, still at least the likes of CDKeys and SimplyGames bring the discounts on that front.

TheImprobableMulk1108d ago

Because of these rising prices, I've reached the point where I hardly pre-order games anymore, and wait for the deals to roll in. Even PC releases have had some cases of ridiculous prices (AC:U for example, which also highlights the whole AAA price for buggy content issue we've had over the last few years.)

Hopefully prices will normalise again as we get deeper into the current console generation.

Blues Cowboy1108d ago

The amount that publishers try to chisel from us with pre-order 'bonuses' and incentives is nothing less insulting when you think about it. Ripping bits out of the game, then trying to flog it back to us before we even know if the game is worth a damn!

"I hardly pre-order games anymore, and wait for the deals to roll in" Too right.

GokuSolosAll1108d ago

Well, indies are still (usually) cheap.

Menkyo1108d ago

I hardly think movies are getting cheaper maybe buying movies has gotten cheaper but going to a theater to see them sure hasnt. I use to pay 7.50 10 years ago now its 13$ for non imax or 3d.

Blues Cowboy1108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

It's more in terms of DVD/Blu-Ray sales. The cinema/theatre is definitely getting more expensive.

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