New Trailer | Everything Coming to DRIVECLUB in March

Driveclub via facebook page:
Your first look at everything coming to #‎DRIVECLUB in March!

Read on for full details of Update 1.12 coming next week...

The eagerly awaited Replay feature, big changes to Drift Mode and the Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione are the headlines, along with the Lamborghini Expansion Pack, plus many more improvements based on your continued community feedback - so please keep it coming!

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GribbleGrunger1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I hope that all Sony developers take a leaf out of Evolution's book and support their games like this; although I DO realise not all games can be supported like this. I think it's a safe bet--considering Evolutions history--that at some point we'll get some rally sections too.

I'm looking forward to all those photomode pics of the new heat haze effects. Here's a breakdown of what's coming in the next update:

» Adds Replays to the game for all Single Events and Tours. You can now save a Replay at the end of any single player event and view it later from the Replays section.
» Photomode can be used from within a Replay at any point.
» Introduces a new Driver Level 50 reward: You can now unlock the Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione for your Garage!
» Refines Drift Mode scoring to increase the points scored for momentum, control and staying on the track.
» Adjusts the drag reduction when veering off road, so that accidentally leaving the track slows you down more gradually.
» Adjusts the drag penalty on world collisions, to remove the possibility of gaining any advantage after colliding with a wall.
» Adds the option to control screen brightness in-game (in Display Options).
» Adds the option to change the volume levels on individual SFX channels (in the Settings Menu for Audio).
» Adds the option to make the AI opponents in a Single Event drive in the same car as the one the player chooses.
» Adds the option to select factory paint jobs for AI opponents (enable in Display Options).
» Removes the voicechat icon for any player you have chosen to mute in Multiplayer while you are driving.
» Adds new categories for downloaded Livery Packs within the Bonus Designs in Customisation.
» Adds status information about friends playing DRIVECLUB™ to the Social Hub.
» Immediately centres the camera view automatically when you reset to the track with the Touchpad button.
» Adds support for live streaming via Twitch and Ustream while playing Multiplayer.
» Improves the atmospheric visual effects further by improving heathaze and introducing mirages, which are visible on the road when light is refracted by hot air.
» Includes more minor bug fixes, performance improvements and usability tweaks.

Update 1.12 Add-ons (coming to PlayStation®Store March 24-26):

» Adds support for the Peugeot Onyx Concept, coming to PlayStation®Store as a free download.
» Adds support for the Lamborghini Expansion Pack, coming to PlayStation®Store as a premium/Season Pass add-on.
» The Lamborghini Car Pack includes: Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50° Anniversario, Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4, Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Squadra Corse and Lamborghini Veneno.
» The Lamborghini Tour Pack includes 10 new Events and 5 new Trophies.
» Adds support for the Pacesetter Tour Pack, coming to PlayStation®Store as a premium/Season Pass add-on.
» The Pacesetter Tour Pack includes 12 new Events and 5 new Trophies.
» Adds support for 2 new livery packs, coming to PlayStation®Store as a premium/Season Pass add-on. Each Livery Pack contains 5 new livery patterns to customise your cars with.

GribbleGrunger1200d ago

Important developments to be aware of (coming after 1.12):

» Continual server upgrades: to keep improving stability and performance for all current players and to enable the release of the PS+ Edition and DRIVECLUB companion app.
» Private lobbies: Development of Private Lobbies for Multiplayer is ongoing alongside development of server improvements.
» Replays for Multiplayer: these require further development and testing.
» Lots more cars: We're only half way through the Season Pass that runs through to July and we have many more commonly requested cars and manufacturers coming to DRIVECLUB!
» New ranks: because many of you are at Level 50 already. In the mean time, please enjoy exclusive access to the Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione.
» Additional audio options for cockpit camera.
» Lots more! Please keep sharing your feedback about DRIVECLUB with us to help the game continue to evolve around you.

GarrusVakarian1200d ago

The post-launch support for this game has been simply incredible. I haven't seen this kind of support for a long while, if ever. Imo, they have more than redeemed themselves for the upsets caused by DC's launch and post-launch issues.

And shout-out to Ruhsy (Game Director for Evo) for the phenomenal support on NeoGAF. That guy has been answering fan questions and giving us updates in the official Driveclub thread for months now. It's greatly appreciated. I wish more devs were so dedicated and in-touch with their fans.

GribbleGrunger1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Agreed Lukas. It's actually quite amazing how Evolution has turned this around. I've not seen a single person who's played this game (in it's current state) that doesn't consider it fantastic or even 'the best arcade racer ever'. Maybe some of it IS hyperbole but the sheer number of people saying it suggests to me a lot of people genuinely feel that way.

Edit: LOL. You can agree with yourself on this site!

Aceman181200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

My goodness their after launch support has been beyond amazing other devs should take note of this.

Anyone else love the bright effects coming out of tunnels on sunny races? It throws me off so much it causes me to crash most of the times haha.

Also I hit lvl 50 yesterday afternoon :)

Spotie1200d ago

The only thing that's gonna happen is that people are gonna come in here, as in every DriveClub article, and complain about the lack of a Plus version.

And though, by now, that should be an obvious sign of trolling, it's somehow seen as legitimate to make such remarks EVERY single time.

dcj05241200d ago

I'd like to try out driveclub but the + edition still isn't out. Sony needs to be clear. Is it coming or not. Yes or no. Not this maybe at another time BS

uth111200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I always loved the comments from people who trashed this game left and right, then demanded their free PS+ version.

Because they paid for it by subscribing to PS+ all year, and their only reason for doing so was the promise of the free PS+ driveclub, of course.

So they are subscribing to a service just to get a free game they hate everything about to begin with, paying more in PS+ fees than the game costs full retail.. all for a stripped down version!

obvious trolls :)

LackTrue4K1200d ago

"4uck it!!! I've been lagging it too long, and after they finally added some Lambo's gana pick this game up!!"

GribbleGrunger1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I bought it recently for £18. I must warn you though, it's bloody hard.

jukins1200d ago

I wouldn't say its hard it just makes you play good at least the later events and dlc. Still fun though and at this point anyone still wanting ps+ should just buy it.

spacedelete1200d ago

still no mythical PS Plus edition. what they did was essensially fruad then trying to cover up saying servers can't handle it.

ps4fanboy1200d ago

For those still bitching , moaning , trollin along , if you can wait , which it seems you can? The free version is still being worked on , in the meantime , the majority of people who knows this game is worth buying , especially at the ridiculously low price , will continue to enjoy it.

DragoonsScaleLegends1200d ago

I wasn't planning on buying but I was interested in the free game I was getting for having plus. But you never know I'm sure most of the people who were not that interested to begin with could have been turned into customers for the game if they would have got the free demo. That's kind of the point of demos to begin with and this is still far more than a demo even if there are levels and cars stripped out.

pecorre1200d ago

When will people understand that the promised free version was just a DEMO with a few tracks and cars that you can only play in single events. If they release the PS+ version as intented, you will be very disapointed. At this point, if you really want the game, buy it (it's very cheap) or wait for the game of the year edition (with all the new content, it's going to be worth it).

Kivespussi1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I'm not even a fan of racing games. When we finally get Driveclub PS+, I'll probably not even download it. Still, Sony promised something and didn't give it. They also promised 20+ apps by the end of last spring. A year ago.

I love my PS4, especially now that Bloodborne is coming up but we can't just let Sony just get away with outright lying to us like that. That leads to more false promises

The link for the promised 20+ apps:

DragoonsScaleLegends1200d ago

Well I guess you are partially correct since they advertised if you buy plus you get the game and then we find out it's not coming for months and months down the line. False advertisement if anything.

GarrusVakarian1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

I feel sorry for you and people like you. You sound so incredibly petty. The only thing left for you people to whine about is the PS Plus edition, completely ignoring any and all of the positives this game has and has acquired over the months. You cling to that last negative like a newborn clings to its mother's tit because it's all you have left. Sad. I fear for your mental health when the PS Plus edition is released and sales are increased even further. Better go ahead and book yourselves into the psychiatric ward now. XD

Meanwhile...the genuine fans (not the ones who pretend to care about a PS Plus edition that they'll never even play, for a game they'll never play, on a console they'll never own) enjoy a game that gets better and better each month, with one of the best value season passes ever released for a game. With constant updates, improvements, and free DLC each month until July/August of this year.

Also, I wonder, does your claim of "fraud" also apply to 343i? I mean, the MP side of their entire collection didn't work properly up until around a week or so ago. Just wanna make sure you're being fair here, and not a desperate, bitter Xbox fanboy holding onto his last straw. ;)

Genuine-User1200d ago

Couldn't have said it any better myself.

Aceman181200d ago

I gotta say Lukas you've set some great times in the tours.

BLow1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

You really want to try it that bad huh? It came out in OCTOBER!!! Yes OCTOBER. If you wanted to try it out that bad you could have spent $4 freakin dollars and rented by now. You could have saved a dollar a month. If that's too much for you to handle then you have the wrong hobby.

Yes, they screwed up. Now they are fixing it. Its taking some time. Making games is not easy. You don't just click a button and magically PS+ edition shows up. Again of you REALLY wanted it(cough 0_o cough) you would have at least rented it by now. Read my statement above if you missed about how much it would have cost you....

Fraud....we're going a little overboard aren't we....Let's say the free addition comes out tomorrow. I willing to bet you'll try it out and not even like it and won't even buy the full version anyway. Just a thought...

dcj05241200d ago

False advertisement is false advertisement. I will decide if I want drive club based on the + edition. They promised the + edition ON LAUNCH so they had plenty of time to strip out tracks and cars.

Griever1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Yeah, but who cares? You are a well known troll and I would bet that you do not even own a PS4. I was looking forward to it to try out the game but no problem even it isnt coming. People like you are moaning and whining for a free version which the developers/publishers are not obligated to release. Nobody can hold them accountable for it. Who knows what might have gone wrong and why they couldnt release it even though they wanted to. Maybe, the initial server issues sidetracked them and they are still busy supporting the game which is much better time spent. It was just supposed to be a free demo! What is the big deal??


It is just a free version/demo man! Get over it. Are you so much entitled that you are whining over not getting something for free?? Go and buy the game if you want to play it so bad. Buy it used if you do not have much money. Borrow it from someone. Just stop whining like entitled brats.

OldDude1200d ago ShowReplies(2)
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Father__Merrin1200d ago

I wish you could store music on PS4 hdd and play your own music

Ninjatogo1200d ago

You can use the USB music player instead. I imagine if you have a PS4 it's quite likely you'll have something such as a USB flash drive or hard drive to plug into it. It's really not that difficult to set up either.

corroios1200d ago

PS plus version is the only thing that same can say bad thing about DC, because the game is really good and its a new IP.

LegoIsAwesome1200d ago

I'm planning to buy the season pass for DC for I am such a huge fan of this game. But if I bought sa season pass, will that means that I can have all sa upcoming expansion with free cars? I really dont get the season pass thingy.

Thanks in advance!!

bellome1200d ago

With the season pass you get all the already released DLC and all the upcoming ones.

DC season pass is great value for your money, well worth it!

FunAndGun1200d ago

Here is some info about the free updates and season pass.

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